15 Things We Do Wrong With Our Skincare Routine

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | April 3, 2018

Life is a lot like a box of chocolates as per the golden words of Forrest Gump who was more than gracious to share his secrets of life with us all. However, in recent times, we have seen how that can be nuisance rather than an advantage and that we should remain inconstant contention to afford ourselves the opportunity to understand the behavior of champions.

Our body:

Our body is consistently going through changes that do not make sense and need to be constantly changed in order to make a sliver of an impact in our lives. This will help in assuming absolute control of life and rendering it an absolutely important duty in our lives.


The skins of human being have always been of immense intrigue but the level of intellect has always dictated the life impact that these scenarios can create for us all. Life must always be retracted in that sense and should always be negated.


It is hence important to take care of it properly or else ideas will never be properly discussed or even understood in the manner that they should be. It is understandable that this is lamented and needs to be corrected in all the sense that we can assume for it.


The amount of care that is required by each aspect is not something that will be directed in an absence of ideas or even the paucity of idealism that needs to be recreated. Aspects of our scenario are never enough and should be respected in that regard.


Life is something that affects us all in a different aspect or else aspirations will never be matched in any scenario. It is human tragedy and even the ironic perception of reality that we have grown accustomed to these realities in our lifetimes.


The preparation that these ideas will take is never something which normal people or even the recognition of their pattern will understand. In that regard, we should be mindful of what is poised to happen if we let aspirations of this sort eat us out.

Wash makeup:

Washing off the makeup from last night is something that most women forget or even deliberately excuse themselves from doing. This is not something that they should be involved with as this will undermine their own ideas and will lead to perceptions that are not welcome.

Wrong cleanser:

Using a cleanser is important; but that is not enough. Yes, it's not just enough to use a cleanser but also necessary to ensure that you have the right cleanser for yourself. This will ensure that you have the right and appropriate attire for yourself to prepare yourself in that regard.


Using a toner is important and ignoring it will effect the way your life reacts and in the same way how your skin reacts to such drastic changes. You should ensure that you have these appliances in this care so that you never have to replace these aspects of life anywhere else.

Exfoliating product:

They are important and they must always be understood in the sense that they will always understand the need to understand the absolute importance in that regard or else ideas will never be properly indicated. These ideals should never be properly understood or else.

Popping pimples:

Pimples are something incredibly undesirable and you should avoid them like the plague however, there is always an opportunity to stay away without hurting your skin in the process. You should avoid this and make yourself a free bird from this all.


Oils are necessary for the skin but excessive oils can lead to incredible damages which will inevitably lead to the ideas which will not benefit rather terribly hurt the idealism that has gotten you this far. This needs to be shut down hard.

SPF product:

THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU! There we said it. And we know that there are a lot of people ho will make no exception to the criticisms directed towards this particular statement and will lead to no less than distraught thoughts that lend us no credibility.

Pillow cases:

Pillow cases need to be replaced every week and the science behind is not something so overtly complicated that you cannot comprehend why that might be so. It would do you well to understand just how much there is the need to understand that specification.

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