15 Spine-Chilling Stories of Real Life Cannibals

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | October 16, 2017

All animals in the wild have some degree of cannibalism - it is an unfortunate fact of nature. Yet, since humans are more evolved, you would think we would get past cannibalism. It appears that some people still harbor these gory, ancient feelings. I'm glad to say that most of the cannibals you are going to be reading about on this list have either been arrested or are long gone, which should make you sleep a little bit easier. However, this doesn't mean there aren't a few new cannibals born every few years, so, don't say I didn't warn you.

Omaima Nelson

Not only did she murder her husband, but she also BBQ'ed his entire body, and ate a few small parts of it. The rest was sliced up and kept in her refrigerator. I'm guessing she would eat more of him, but the police luckily got her in time.

Armin Meiwes

Armin has an obvious psycho look to him. The weird part of his story is that he never actually harmed someone involuntary - what he did, in fact, was place an ad for a well-built person who wants to get eaten, and a guy did respond to his ad.

Alfred Packer

Alfred was just a normal bloke who wanted to see the Colorado Mountains. His 4 friends joined him in the expedition, yet none returned with him. Investigators later found out that he ate every single one of his 4 friends that accompanies him.

Issei Sagawa

I remember this guy, Issei - read about him a few years ago. He murdered and ate his co-ed back in 1981, and was promptly arrested. There were some issues with his paperwork, and he was unfortunately released without finishing his prison sentence.

Albert Fish

This guy is actually worse than the other cannibals - eating people wasn't enough for him, he was also a pedophile. After he was done consuming a person, he wrote elaborate details to their families, explaining everything that he did - quite scary stuff.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey was used to having young men in his house - it is possible that he was homosexual. But he didn't like those guys in the normal way - he wanted to eat them, which he did. He also used some of the bodies for home-based anatomy experiments.

Tyree Lincoln Smith

Tyree was close to becoming homeless, so an older man, called Gonzales, gave him a spare room in his apartment - completely free of charge. Tyree reciprocated by killing the man with an ax and then eating his eyes and brain.

Hadden Clark

Here's another one with the psycho-eyes! He killed Laura Houghteling in 1992, but while in court, he also confessed to killing an innocent child named Michelle in 1986. He's a monster in the true sense of the word - since he also ate Michelle's flesh.

Mauerova family

Mauerova was not a normal mom - one day she went totally berserk and murdered her only two children. But this didn't stop at just plain old' murder - she also ate her children - with the explanation that she had to do it since she was a member of a cult.

Alexander Kinyua

Alexander didn't have to look far for his victim - he found it in his roommate. Police had him as their main suspect since day 1, since he had a violent past and a criminal record. They later found his roommate sliced up into tin cans in the basement.

David Viens

David was only a "partial" cannibal - according to his confession, he didn't really want to eat his wife (which he murdered by gagging her with a tape over her mouth) - he just had to eat her since she was dead, and he didn't want to be caught by police.

Leonarda Cianciulli

This one is also a mixed bag - she only became a cannibal, since she thought that was the only way she could do a ritual that can save her eldest son. She used to cut up her victims, and then make soup out of them, while also mixing them with eggs, milk, and chocolate to make tea cake.

Joachim Kroll

Kroll graduated slowly to becoming a cannibal, He first started out as a plain simple serial killer, then added rape to his misdeeds. A few years later, he finally escalated his fantasies and started to eat his victims after killing and raping them.

Jose Luis Calva

Jose is a funny guy. Not only did he kill his girlfriend, but he also sliced her up and kept different pieces of her body in the apartment - some went into a cereal box, some into the closet, while others in the fridge. He was arrested while eating her, seasoned with lemon.

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