15 Cool Life Hacks That Can Make Life Easy

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | April 3, 2018

The rise of the internet has ensured that we now know of many hacks that make life easy for us. These hacks can be found on the internet and make for some fun time doing chores in the home. No one loves doing chores, but with these hacks present near us we can not only enjoy doing chores but can look up to them.


Kids are always looking out for ways to reach out to the candy, which is why they come up with the most interesting methods. They don't want to give up on the candy. This kid here made a tower so that she could reach candy.


Anyone who has worked around electricity will vouch that playing around with sockets is extremely dangerous business. You can get yourself electrocuted. But, if you do the work carefully, you can pull off this rather meticulous hack.

Clothes Dryer

Not all people have a clothes dryer with them and have to rely on the drying abilities of the sun to get their clothes dried. These people are really creative, as it can be seen from this person's method of drying clothes.

Summer Heat

The house really can become during summer heat and you need to think of some way to kill the heat. This guy started a wave of fresh air from the basement to the house to make the heat go away.


No one likes sitting on a cold toilet seat during winter days. It can really be a hassle to sit on the cold seats, which is why putting your socks on the point of contact is a good hack to get rid of this problem.


Chairs creak a lot and we don't seem to have a solution to this problem. These guys over here have put their creative genius into play and have found the perfect way to put an end to the creaking noises.

Plastic Cups

If you are at a camping sight and do not have any cup holders readily available, you can use the inlets to the shoes placed nearby you as perfect cup holders. These shoes can get the work done for you.

Broken Lock

There are times when the bathroom lock is broken and you need to make sure that no one barges in. This hack can work perfectly well in such situations as it stops anyone from coming inside the room.


If you think that the curtains in your room or the hotel are not doing a good job in keeping the sunlight outside, then you can use a hanger to get the job done. The hanger would keep the curtains in check.


If you have kids sitting at the back in your car, then this hack is perfect for you. Children can have neck damage by constantly looking at their devices and this hack would save them from this hassle.


Cutting asparagus can be a tough job considering the fact that the ends can roll down at any moment of time. You have to keep an eye on the ends and have to make sure that they are kept in touch at all times.


Most hotel rooms are often short of nightstands and if your luck isn't that good, you may find a nightstand lacking on your side of the bed. No need to fret over this issue as you can have a makeshift nightstand for you through this way.


If you haven't used this trick before then now is the perfect time to get it done with. Chargers can be used for a lot of other things then just charging. This picture illustrates one use and we cannot comprehend why we have not used this hack.


People who like staring at their smart phone every night before they go to bed can try this solution. This makes staring at your bed really easy and you may find that the position is great for you to settle in.

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