Guy Pretends to Abuse Girl in an Elevator in a Social Experiment, See How People React

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 16, 2017

Domestic abuse is one of the biggest and most unfortunate occurrences in today;s society. In a day and age when people are more liberated than ever, abuse rears its ugly head ever so often, and threatens to derail more than just relationships. To put society's acceptance of this ugly truth to the test, these young folks decided to conduct a prank/social experiment, to see if people react and intervene. The results were, needless to say, surprising!

The Purpose behind the Experiments

Abuse-related pranks and social experiments have been done time and time again. The purpose behind them is to get a reaction from the general public, and to see how different people respond to the uncomfortable situation created by the actors.

A Commonplace Occurrence

Lately we have seen a number of content creators and actors conduct this social experiment to get a reaction from people. Sometimes it is done in the shape of a funny prank, which usually results in people getting a different reaction.

A Genuine Social Experiment

When it is not a prank, the results of the experiment can be quite surprising. Different people react in different ways, and sometimes the reactions can even turn violent. Lots of people have been attacked by bystanders over pretended domestic abuse.

Interventions and Reactions

It has commonly been observed that people are often supportive to the partner who is being abused, especially if the partner is a woman. Sometimes the interventions can be really heartfelt, and in some cases, as mentioned earlier, quite assertive!

The Usual Setup

Usually, such a prank or experiment is set up in a public place, or somewhere people can see the 'couple' go at it. Most often, it is the male member of the duo who is doing the abusing, but sometimes, it is the female member.

In This Case

In this particular case, it was the man doing the abusing, and the woman being an enduring victim of it. The space was that of an elevator, and the act was that the man would proceed to hit and torture the woman, to get a reaction.

Here is How It Went!

The setup was perfect and the space was unlike anything that's ever been done in the way of a abuse experiment. A closed space such as an elevator provided the subjects of the experiment an up close and personal view of the happenings.

The Man Starts Abusing the Woman

As the prank begins, the man starts abusing the woman, berating her with foul words and even rough housing her a bit. The atmosphere is perfectly set up to illicit a reaction from the people on the elevator with the couple.

The Woman Implores for a Reprieve

As most abuse victims, the girl implores the man to stop his abuse, and even asks some of the bystanders for help. The man continually subjects the victim to higher degrees of torture, such as wringing her head and such.

All to No Avail

All in all, the prank is repeated 53 times, with almost no resistance and intervention from any of the people watching. This came as a big shock to the people who were conducting this prank, since almost nobody offered the girl any help.

All is Not Lost!

As mentioned, almost nobody reacted to protect the girl who was being abused. Nobody save for one woman who saw the poor girl being 'tortured' verbally and physically, and decided to take a stand. She threatened to call the police on the man.

The Findings

The woman's actions towards the defense of the girl revealed to the conductors of this social experiment that there is still some hope left in the world for those who are suffering, and that good people do exist in the world.

The Shocking Results

However, for the vast majority of observers, intervention was not an option, which really said a lot about the kind of society we are living in. Some of the people chose to ignore it completely, and some even wanted to get away from the situation.

Society's Attitude towards Abuse

While it is good to respect the privacy of other people, it was sad to see that this is taken literally, and to such an extent that blatant crimes against humanity can be conducted without there being helping hands for the victims.

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