Wife Barges Into Her Own Funeral and Shocks Husband Who Paid To Have Her Killed

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 16, 2017

When was the last time you watched a Hollywood thriller, where someone considered dead walked back again, with a shitload of secrets? Well, if you haven't watched one in quite some time, you can read on to find out about a real life story of a similar incident. Recently an Australian woman, who her husband had supposedly killed through hitmen, walked into her own funeral, shocking all those were present. Read on to find more!

Walking Into Your Own Funeral

Not many people get the chance of walking into their own funeral. Noela Rukundo was an exception, as she sat waiting in the car, watching people come and leave from her own people. If you thought this was weird, wait until you hear her story.

Ohh, the Terror!

Rukundo recalls that her husband, who had instructed hitmen to kill her, was left shocked and terrified when he saw her at the funeral. He even came to touch her and see if this was her ghost or her in real.

How It All Began

The ordeal for Rukundo began a time ago, when she had visited her native Burundi on an emergency basis to attend a funeral. She had gone to her native town on the funeral of her stepmother along with her husband, Kalala.

What Next?

Once the funeral was over, Rukundo had gone to her hotel room to have some rest after the tiring day. Attending a loved one's funeral can be a mentally and physically draining event, which is why she needed some rest. This was when she got a call from Kalala.

The Call

While Rukundo was busy waiting for her husband, Kalala called her to let her know that he wanted her to go take some fresh air outside. Generally intrigued by this demand, Rukundo walked outside her hotel to get some fresh air.

Once Outside...

As soon as Rukundo stepped outside, she was encountered by a stranger, who rushed to her with a gun pointing straight at her face. Rukundo who was scared and generally confused, was directed to remain quiet as she was guided to a car.

The Mystery

Rukundo who was ushered outside, was genuinely worried as to what was happening and wanted to phone her husband. The armed man escorted her into a car and blindfolded her. She was then taken into a location 30-40 minutes away and tied to a chair.

Who Was Behind It?

Once at the location, the kidnappers let her know that it was her husband who had wanted her to be kidnapped and eventually killed. Rukundo initially did not believe them, but she was shocked when she heard her husband give them orders to kill her on phone.

Luck Comes to the Rescue

At times when all other options seem impossible, luck is the only factor that can be counted on. Rukundo's luck came to the rescue as it turned out that the kidnappers knew her brother and spared her on the connection.

Set Free!

Finally the ordeal ended for Rukundo, and she was set free on the side of the road. The kidnappers had been gracious on her and had provided her with proof of her husband's heinous intentions. Vowing to take revenge, Rukundo planned to go back to Australia.

On The Way Back!

Once she was away from the grips of the gang, Rukundo tried putting her plan to work and vowed to make full use of her good luck. She went to the Kenyan and Belgian embassies to plot her return and got in touch with a local pastor in Australia to communicate her plan.

Revenge Is Best Served Hot

Revenge is a dish best served hot and this is why just 5 days after when her husband had told the hitmen to murder her, she was back in Australia to serve justice to her husband for his malicious intentions. Rukundo was a woman on a mission and she would not stop until justice was served.

Kalala, left shocked

While Rukundo was plotting her revenge, her husband had told everyone that she had died in a tragic accident back in their hometown. Just after the neighbors left after condolences, Rukundo walked in, much to the Kalala, who touched her to make sure that he wasn't dreaming.

Justice Served

Justice was eventually served, when Kalala confessed of his heinous plans to get Rukundo killed. He said he was sorry, but the Australian court decided to punish him for 9 years in prison. Kalala is currently in prison, serving his full term.

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