15 Invaluable Survival Tips Recommended By a Secret Aga

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 30, 2018

The following survival tips were taken from Clint Emerson, a US Army Special Forces agent who was part of several undercover missions which are known to challenge the physical limits of the human body. After years of honing his skills, the man has come out of it alive and in one piece. Although much of what he did was confidential and cannot be revealed, he has been allowed to share a few survival tips.

Car crash

Car crashes are some of the most common ways of dying because of vehicular collisions. The basic rule is to never cross your arms on the wheel. It might look cool, but it could cost you your life.

Dog attack

Although dogs are known as tame creatures, they do have the killer instinct and razor sharp teeth to back them up. Sometime they just lunge at you with brute force. But there are certain actions you can perform.

What a special agent carries

Part and parcel of their job is to carry razor blades, guns and other sharp objects with them. They are allowed to do this because of the nature of their job, the same can't be said about the rest of us with normal lives.

Getting out of a chokehold

Chokeholds by their nature are designed to get knock you out cold. It works by blocking your air passage which eventually results in the brain shutting down to cope up with the sudden loss of oxygen in the body.

Surviving the rip current

They are not easy to see and hit you when you least expect them. Fortunately, you can still protect yourself from them if you know what steps to perform. If you get tangled in one, never move forward, instead swim diagonally.

Barricading the door

Sometime you can find yourself mixed up with the wrong crowd, and for whatever reason, they might try to break in. If that ever happens to you, try to barricade your house with various tools such as a mop, chair and even a fridge.

Are you being shot at?

And this has got to be the most common job hazard facing the life of a secret agent, that of being constantly shot at. But there are ways to avoid this, all you have to do is find cover which is strong enough to stop the bullets.

Hands being tied

After learning this trick, you will no longer have any excuse to complain about getting your 'hands tied'. All you have to do is follow the tricks on the illustration. A neat trick is to hold on part of the rope when you are being tied up.

Where to stash the stuff?

When you are being constantly hunted by secret organizations and you have lots of stuff to hide, it pays to know important places to hide your stuff. The best places are too obvious for someone to search through, such as the TV or fridge.

Never leave any fingerprints

When you're on a mission, you don't want to leave your trails behind for the enemy to find out. The best way to leave a cold trail is to not leave any fingerprints behind. For this reason make use of those white cotton gloves.

Both hands and legs tied up?

We certainly hope you never find yourself in such a situation before, but there is a way out of you play your cards right. Stand straight up and put your feet in a V position, now jump and spread your knees. With your hands tied behind your back, move forward and spread your hands to the sides very quickly.

Getting through a roadblock

Military personnel have to frequently cope with these road blocks. In this difficult situation, you have to find the biggest space between two cars and check for the best angle to force yourself through. Now simply speed through and give it your best shot.

The food

You can never know when things might get rough for your country. Perhaps the security situation gets devolved and the government gets displaced. This can make food scarce, so start saving now! It is better to store food in bottles instead of bags.


Secret agents find themselves on extreme climatic conditions, as such they are very prone to getting frostbites. The best way to cope with this is to use petroleum jelly or baby oil. This can help to save you from disaster.

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