Hilarious Snapchats That Are Hard to Stop Laughing At

Humor | By Cole Damon | March 27, 2018

Snapchat is without a doubt one of the best avenues for posting pictures online. There's a right way to use it, and there's a wrong way to use it. Millions of people use Snapchat every day, and some of them have a real talent for turning ordinary shots into masterpieces. As you will see from these brilliant examples, these people have totally nailed it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. You will be floored when you see the last one on this list!

Using Emojis

Ask anyone and they would agree that the art of being cool on Snapchat lies in using the best emojis. Snapchat has a lot of emojis on its portal and it really takes a lot of thought to see which one best suits your picture. While newbies can find going around difficult, the experts have mastered the art of using emojis and are really good at it.

This guy over here is an expert snapchat user and he has surely become a God at using emojis. This picture that he created here is depicting the famous scene from the movie Conjuring and we cannot start laughing at how good the depiction is. It really takes a lot of effort to recreate a scene from a movie with such perfection and flawlessness. Give him his medal please!

Latex Gloves

Anyone who has ever worked in the medical field would agree that latex gloves really are a must on the job. Not only do these make life easy for anyone who is wearing them, but they also ensure that your safety is guaranteed throughout what you're doing on the job. However, wearing latex gloves isn't the easiest task on the job.

If you thought wearing these gloves was easy then you need to see this photo. This photo clearly depicts that wearing latex gloves is not child's play and some people don't have it figured out. This person wore their latex glove on their feet and the other person on the job made a snap out of it to make everyone on his snapchat roll on the floor with laughter. Someone train this guy please!

Harry Potter

If you are a big fan of fantasy books and movies, then there is no way that you could have missed out on Harry Potter. In fact, only those that have been living under a rock have missed out on Harry Potter. The book and movie series written by JK Rowling has astounded many and it can be said without a doubt that everyone liked it in their own way.

However, it's been a long time since Harry Potter came out and the male prodigy has grown up. But, we are ashamed to say that a degree from Hogwarts isn't of much use nowadays and poor Harry can be seen doing odd jobs. Here he was seen by a snapchatter, who posted a picture of him for the world to see. We hope Hermione is doing better.


Snapchat has given an outlet for creative guys to be as weird as possible without fearing people raising their fingers at them. This guy over here was sitting alone at home when he thought of this killer idea. All of us have had this moment when we are alone and our mind is wandering off and we suddenly get a good idea in it.

This guy had one of these good ideas and he went on snapchat to make the world see it. So, he made two imaginary people sit on the bed besides him and made the world think that they were his friends. He didn't stop here and went on to show the world that they were leaving like everyone else had left him. Poor guy, we really do feel out towards him.

Born for Law

Some people have the funniest names to them and pity is that the whole world never gets to see them. It can be really cool to have a friend with a weird name, since you guys can have a good laugh at it every once in a while. This guy here had one friend who had a weird name and he posted a picture of her name on his snapchat while they were both attending a conference in their college.

Fair to say, the name got a lot of attention on snapchat and pretty much went viral on social media. However, we believe that this woman here is born to go in to the field of law and that she would make an excellent practitioner. Having a legal name to you is half the job done already.

Just Teacher Problems

One thing that Snapchat should be accredited for is that it has given everyone a way to release their anger. While social media in general has done this favor to us, Snapchat gives us the luxury to vent out for a 24 hour period. Everyone from different fields of life can be seen releasing their anger and embarrassment as everyone else watches on.

This woman over here is a teacher and had one of the most embarrassing situations in class. While she was teaching organisms to a group of 13 year olds, she inadvertently uttered the word as orgasm. This really cracked a few 13 year olds and they could be seen having a good laugh while looking at each other. The teacher surely does look embarrassed, but we believe that this was a mistake and probably will be forgotten soon.

Green Breed

When was the last time you saw green hair on a poodle? We don't expect you to have seen a green poodle any time in your life. Well, snapchat has broadened the horizons in the world and we can now see amazing things from across the globe. This guy here did a great job highlighting the green color of his white poodle.

We don't really know how this poodle got this mix of green on his coat, but we do know now that poodles look out of this world when they turn green. By out of this world we mean literally out of this world because they start looking alien with this color on them. Someone give this poodle a quick bath please. How cute would it be if poodles had a green breed to them? We would definitely want one.

Short Life

This guy saw an amazing sign on his way to work advertising that how we should take out time to be a dad today. All of us get to see signs like this while our way to work and we don't make much out of it. But, this guy was not having any of it and went ahead to make a cheeky snapchat out of it.

This poster made by the government showed a scene from the Lion King, where Simba can be seen getting close to his father, as a means of telling dads to show love to their off spring. This guy wasn't going to let this opportunity slide by, so he took out his camera and made a snapchat with a cheeky caption that said 'before you're murdered.' This really is good banter aimed at the government.

Acting Naturally

Having your mom added on Snapchat can be a real ordeal for most guys. They don't want their mothers to have a hint of what they are doing in life, which is why they often keep them off their snapchat. However, some moms are really crafty at social media and know how to get to someone on snapchat. This guy was added by his mom and he reacted in the funniest way ever.

Instead of removing his mom, he decided to rubbish all the doubts that his mom had about his lifestyle. He posted snap after snap of his routine showing himself doing routine tasks that his mom would expect him to do. The best part of it all is how he sends a snap of himself going to bed at 9 pm, to make his mom believe that he really is up to no wrong at all.


Men have for ages had to make a choice between girls and gaming. This choice has become even more difficult during the last half a decade, after the release of some interesting gaming gear and some very interactive games. These new innovations have meant that men have tilted towards playing games a bit more than they did before.

This girl here wanted to have a good time with her boyfriend and was all dressed up for the event. She really liked spending time with her boyfriend and wanted him to notice what she was wearing. But, her boyfriend was having none of this and was more concentrated on the game that he was playing. And, those of us who have played EA Sports FIFA before will agree that the game really is exciting and fun to play.

Worst Crime

How many times have you wanted to reach your office in a hurry, but were held back by something that had happened to your car. Many people have broken locks, closed doors and a lot worse happening to their car whenever they want to reach some place in a hurry. This guy here came out in the morning to drive to his work but got a pleasant surprise.

His windscreen was splashed with some colorful substance, and although he was disappointed, he didn't let the opportunity for a good snapchat joke go by. He went inside, took a picture and told the world that he had knocked his car into a unicorn. This wasn't really what he wanted to do, but now that this has happened, he doesn't feel ashamed at all. This guy deserves a medal.

Science Fun

All of us who remember our science books from back in the day would agree that there really were some very creepy diagrams in these books. These diagrams would scare the little us, as we used to look at them. This guy here was reading an eBook version of a Science book, when he came across this really interesting diagram on his screen.

This showed a skeleton with another very creepy looking skeleton at the back. The guy surely was in no mood to study, which is why he suddenly noticed the creepy part in it. However, he wasn't willing to let the opportunity for a joke slide by, which is why he posted a funny picture with the skeleton at the front asking a funny question about what was standing behind him in the book.

Too Revealing

Snapchat has without a doubt brought a revolution in the world of social media, but we would still agree that the number one use of the social media portal as of now is for exchanging nudes with people. People in a relationship often exchange nudes on the portal and it only makes for better viewing and security for everyone involved.

This girl over here wanted to send naked pictures of her to the people in her list and didn't let an opportunity slide by when one came by. When she purchased a smoothie by the name of naked, she couldn't hold herself from posting a picture of it online. She soon posted a picture online and safe to say her friends had a good laugh at it. This is the kind of humor you need around on snapchat.

Guilty and Charged

Some people really have the best sense of humor when it comes to snapchat. They don't let any opportunity for a good joke slide by and are always interested in ensuring that their friends have a good time viewing their snap stories. This guy over here was from a similar category and his friends really loved the snaps he posted.

He was having a hot drink, when he noticed the message at the top. The message resonated with what he had been saying all the time, because he surely was hot and people should have taken caution around him. If being hot and funny was guilty then this person surely deserves to be put into prison for life. This is the most hilarious thing that you would see online. We wished we had more such people on snapchat.

Having a Good Day

Some people really want to show all the details of their life on snapchat. They want everyone to see what they are doing during the day and want them to be inspired by their life. This guy over here also liked showing off things a lot and wanted everyone to see what he was up to, through his snapchat.

One fine day he bought a drink from Dunkin and posted a picture on snapchat for everyone to see with the caption, 'today will be a good day.' The day however took a turn towards the bad, as he soon spilled the drink he had bought on to his car seats. This really was embarrassing, but he posted another picture on snapchat for everyone to see that he wasn't really having a good day to be honest.

Lost in the Book

How many times have you had a fail while taking a picture with a group of people for a book? Well, many of us might have experienced such fails, but none of these fails would be comparable to what this guy over here experienced. He posed with his fellows from the engineering group for a quick photo.

This guy thought that they had a good photo, but his thoughts were soon rubbished when the photo was released in the annual journal. While everyone else was clearly visible, he couldn't be seen through the fold in the book. While this guy didn't make much out of it and posted a snap for everyone to see and enjoy, we really do feel bad for him. No one deserves to have such a bad luck to them. This guy needs to be consoled.

Too Expensive

Dog parents on snapchat are all about posting pictures of their pets. They love their pets to the core of their heart and cannot do without posting their pictures online for everyone to see. This dog parent loved his dog a lot and wanted to take continuous pictures of him that everyone could see and rejoice over.

This one picture that the parent posted online made everyone believe that the dog also cared for him. The person had brought a $100 bed for his dog, but the dog didn't want to make a mess out of it from the first day, which is why he was careful about using it. He cared a lot about the money his parent had spent on the bed and he appreciated it by only keeping his head on the comfy material.


Just like we mentioned above, some people on snapchat aren't really letting an opportunity for a good joke slide by. They always want to pull out a good joke every once in a while and nothing stops them from making such a good joke. This guy also belonged to the same category and always kept his snapchat followers happy with what he was posting throughout the day.

He was out camping, when he saw this interesting sign on the camp ground alerting parents and other individuals to watch for children. This was just a friendly reminder to remind everyone to look after their children. This guy, however, found the perfect place for banter in this place and took out a child's watch and had a good laugh while posting the child's watch in front of the board.


Moms on snapchat really are hilarious. They post the best snaps and if they become active users, their friends on snapchat are in for a real treat. This mom had asked his son whether he had someone over during the night, but he vehemently denied that by saying that no one had come and she should instead let him sleep.

The mom knew her son well, which is why she wasn't having any of what he said. So, she went outside to check on the snow and saw that there were a lot of fresh footsteps that meant that someone had come across last night. She wasn't going to let an opportunity for a funny snap of her children lying to her go by, so she took a picture and posted the snap online with a funny caption for everyone to see.

Finding Dory

Anyone who hasn't watched the recent sequel to the series of Finding Nemo; Finding Dory, should stay away from this picture. This really is a spoiler and someone who hasn't watched the movie would not have fun watching the movie after seeing this picture online.

This guy was randomly shopping for stuff in the supermarket when he came across this interesting package with the name Dory on it. Finding Dory was a huge hit at that time and he didn't want this opportunity to make his friend list laugh go away, so he posted a picture with the caption that he had found dory. This really took a lot of effort for him, since Dory wasn't that easy to find, but he finally succeeded in the job due to his commitment and dedication towards a good joke.

On the Bed

Getting to jump back on your bed after you had a tiring day is a feeling that cannot be paralleled by anything else. All of us would agree that resting your back after a tough day is something that has its value in gold, so you can always cherish it. This guy over here was working on his medical assignment when he came across an interesting model on the bed.

He was excited to see it and took out his phone to make a good snap out of it. The model seems to be a representation of a patient, but the guy was funny enough to make it sound like she had just come back from a tiring day and had finally rested her body on the bed. This is the best feeling in the world and there is no end to the relaxation one gets here.

Giraffic Jam

Puns on social media and snapchat are endless and give all of us a good reason to laugh. Only a few people know the art of making a good pun and they are hard to find. If you have someone in your friend list that can make good puns, or if you're the one good at puns, then we can say that you really are gifted in this regard.

This guy over here was going to work when a giant giraffe came in his way and stood by his car. Now, the normal reaction of any human if such a thing happens is to freak out and pray for your safety, but this guy saw a potential for a pun and wasn't going to hold himself back from making one. We think the pun is justified, because it is not every day that you get stuck in a giraffic jam.

Flash On

Ask any one and they wouldn't mind confessing to the fact that they have at least once in their life pried on someone else and taken a photo of them without letting them know. Well, what's the worst that can happen in this scenario? We feel that the worst that can happen while you take a picture of someone else secretly is your phone flashing.

This girl over here experienced the same fail when she was taking a picture of a hot guy at her workplace. Her flash was left on and the guy definitely noticed her. She didn't stop with the pictures though and kept her snapchat friends aware of the abort mission and the dash that followed her accidental fail while taking a picture of a hot guy silently sitting at her workplace.

Best Parent Award

Some parents really deserve the best parent award when it comes to their creativity. They really are creative, and help their children succeed in life through the best ways possible. However, we have others as well that take care of their children, but do not shy away from poking some fun at them every once in a while.

This guy over here accidentally spilled some cream on his little girl's head and he posted a snap for the world to see what he had done. However, he was in no way going to let the cream go easily, so he made use of his creativity to dip a cookie in the cream to make a good mixture. The people he had on snapchat were all amused and loved how creative he was being with this trick.

Sex Tape

There is always a naughty teenager hidden in us regardless of how old we grow up. That teenager is blatantly pushed down as we try to surround ourselves with positivity and a lot of maturity, but that one teenager is always present. We all know the dirty jokes that come with being a teenager, so those too are present with us for our life.

This guy over here was celebrating his dad's 69th birthday and had bought some candles to add some bling to the event. But, the teenager inside him wanted to poke some fun at the candles before they were put on the cake. So, he came up with a genius banter that had us all over here go into a huge bang of laughter. This is one genius snap and we cannot stop laughing.

Nice Save

Some people really like being funny when it comes to having things in their mouth. This girl wanted to talk about how lucky she was to have this pizza in her mouth. But, how could she do this without mentioning a good old joke at the spot? This is why we mention that it is good to have people who joke around on your snapchat, since they keep you happy during the day.

So, the first snap this girl posted talked about how pizza was the second best thing that she loved having in her mouth. Just when others in her friends list thought she was talking about the D, she came up with a hilarious explanation and said that her first favorite thing was the word of God. This is seriously hilarious and we cannot stop laughing.

Night Out

We talked about people creating imaginary friends on snapchat earlier, and now it looks like this has become a seriously trendy thing. People like creating friends on snapchat and we seriously cannot come to terms with how successful this trend has become. It is not about anything else, but just the fact that how so many people like having a good laugh here.

This guy was dining out alone and thought to have some good fun on the table that he had empty in front of him. He drew random figures of people and posted the snap online telling his friends how they were enjoying the night out with his friends. This really is hilarious and we love the creativity this guy has shown here. Some of the characters have good hair on them, so kudos to that.

Turning On and Off

The simplest hack for getting something that isn't working to work again is turning it off and on again. People try this out on a routine basis and the fact that so many people are trying it out is testimony to how useful this method is. However, there are some cases when no amount of turning off and on would do the work that is required.

This guy came across a serious accident on the highway and couldn't stop himself from poking some fun at the car lying distorted among the fields. He went near it and took a picture of it and asked his friends if turning the car off and on again would get it moving. We expect all of his friends said no, because the idea may not work in this specific situation.

Being Chained Down

This guy was taking his dog for a walk and only realized that he had forgotten his jacket when he went outside with him. He then went back to get his jacket and didn't want his dog to run off and tied him to the nearest object. Some people can get really creative in dire situations, which is why they need to be complimented for their efforts. This guy got really creative when it was needed and we love what he has done here.

While the person had tied the dog down to a bottle of water, the dog didn't move a limb because he thought he was tied to some hard object. However, the dog does seem to have an angry expression on his face and he doesn't like being tied one bit to be honest.


What is the worst emergency that you have ever been through in life? The worst emergency that we have ever been through can be different from all of us, but we can all agree that being without toilet paper is something that can get us all worried. Desperate situations call for desperate measures, and similar measures need to be taken here, but you have to be creative.

The key to handling an emergency lies in thinking of a solution soon, and this guy was really up for the challenge. He ran out of toilet paper and needed a solution in an urgent manner, so he got hold of the glass wipes in his home and used them for getting rid of the need for toilet paper. This might have made his backside look really clean.


Some people really do want nothing else besides having the people around them laugh. They find a lot of solace in having the people around them laugh and all that matters to them is the fact that they have made the people around them happy. They are even willing to take a joke on themselves, if that guarantees the happiness of the people around them. This woman wanted this to happen, which is why she posted this snap.

In this snap she can be seen like she is stopping someone else from taking a photo, but by willingly standing in front of a mirror, she is letting her friends know that she really isn't with anyone else, but is being creative by herself in front of the camera. This is one next level funny person here and she deserves a medal for sure.


Guys that have just recently been through a breakup often end up making the best jokes. They are going through a lot after the breakup, which is why their mind starts working faster and they can think of ideas at a rejuvenated pace. These people make a lot of good memes and this can really be seen by the picture we have here.

This guy has been through a breakup and wanted everyone to know that he cannot look up, down, right or left because of the fact that her girl had left him. This guy is definitely going through a lot, but we appreciate the humor that he is using here. This is some brilliant humor on display here. You can even use some of the ideas behind these pictures once you have a breakup as well. That would work well.

Number via Lime

Beautiful people who go out often are host to a lot of advances from other people. These people get to see other people hitting on them on a regular basis, which is why it isn't a new thing for them. This lady here was also one of them and she had seen a lot of people show interest in her at a regular basis.

But, none of the attempts she had ever had compared to what she experienced recently and posted about on snapchat. She was outside on a lunch date with her friends when a server developed interest in her and told her to check inside the lime that he had served on their table. The girl opened the lime and saw that there was a number inside it. The number was of the server's, who wanted her to contact him.


This girl wanted her boyfriend to draw roses on her back. She knew that he was good at drawing roses, which is why she wanted him to show her his best form on her back. She got undressed for him and went on to lie on her stomach to ensure that he had the perfect comfort while drawing the roses.

However, the boyfriend was up to something completely different. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend in the most brutal manner, which is why he took up this task. While the girl was lying down, he started writing a big passage on her back and told her that he was drawing roses on her. The girl believed what he was saying and kept lying on the ground. Not only did he write a big passage, but also took a picture to post it on Snapchat later.

Emotionally Damaged

People who have had emotional damage over the years would do anything to ensure that they can get over the emotional damage they have experienced. These people want to get over the emotional damage as soon as possible, because the damage has really drained them in life. Such people always try finding solace around them.

This guy here had gone through a lot of emotional damage in his life and wanted someone to give him solace from this feeling. This is exactly why he wanted to see if emotional damage was part of the deal with this shampoo. He eventually posted this picture on snapchat so that everyone could know that he needed some emotional help and wasn't getting it from this package. We hope some of his friends didn't take this as a joke and took it seriously.

Pet Eagle

Having someone who is an extensive user of snapchat in your friend circle can ensure that you may always have something to laugh over when you watch their snaps at the end of the day. They post some of the best snaps, and it is really hilarious to laugh at them.

This guy over here wanted to poke some fun at one of his friends, which is why he took to snapchat. He took a picture of her standing with her hand leaning against a support railing. This was enough for this guy to pull the perfect snapchat prank and he got to working on it straightaway. The picture that he took from his phone was perfect for what he had in mind. He soon started drawing an eagle on her arm and did a good job with it.

Video Games

All of us play video games on a regular basis and learn from them at a regular basis as well. These video games give us a lot to learn from and make us improve our climb to the top. Many guys who are avid players of video games have reported that they tend to think about the games even when they are outside doing something else.

This guy over here has played video games on numerous occasions and was outside taking pictures when he came across this particular wall. The wall had weird markings on it and the guy did get intrigued with what was happening here. He finally took a picture with the caption that he had seen enough video games to know what he had to do here. This is just hilarious to watch for us.


We have all heard about jumping on trampolines, but this is the first time that we would be talking about trampolines going on a jump. The weather in some parts of Kansas can often be rough and the winds tend to pick up as soon as the weather turns cloudy. The area is host to a lot of speedy winds that can inflict a lot of damage on properties.

These homeowners had just gotten a trampoline attached in their property and had had a good time jumping on it. However, the weather soon took a weird turn and they had come inside. They forgot their trampoline out in the open and it was only after the air had picked up that they realized that the trampoline was out in the open flying around like this.

Peeling Potatoes

People that have an intense look towards life often tend to see serious things in the slightest complications of life. They are not unfazed by what they see and try making connections between things. They are also good at personification and can literally personify anything that they see. This gives them a good outlook at life.

This guy over here asked his roommate to cut some potatoes for him and this is what he saw on his snapchat. Not only had he been cutting potatoes, but he was also giving life lessons to all the people on his snapchat feed. This guy really deserves a medal for wanting to change everyone around him as a part of the miracles that he was seeing while peeling potatoes. You need to go deep into things to see life this way.


It really does take a lot of effort to eat a whole bucket of ice cream by yourself. A lot of people have no control over their life and even while wanting not to, they end up making mistakes like eating a whole bucket of ice cream in one go. This routine isn't healthy and should not be practiced on a regular basis.

This guy over here was sitting and doing some work when he posted a snapchat that he will not be eating this whole bucket of ice cream in one go. He was serious when he said this, so it was expected that he would adhere to what he said. But, he soon lost the motivation stopping him and he was back to his own routine by finishing every bit of the ice cream that was present inside the bucket he had in front of him.

The Streets

A lot of people appreciate the effort that the streets have done in their upbringing and realize that if it wasn't for these streets, they wouldn't be able to be the way they are currently in life. It is also said that you learn more from the streets than you learn from within your home or from school. So, the streets play a huge role in your life.

This kid realized the role the streets had played in his upbringing and he wanted to appreciate them for the effort, which is why he posted this snap. This snap of the street with a logo of the best dad ever is making us go into fits of laughter and we aren't able to contain ourselves. This really is some top level humor here in front of us.

Front Camera

Opening the front camera isn't really a nourishing experience for everyone. You may want to click a quick picture of the surroundings near you and you may end up opening the front camera and seeing your face on it. This sucks a lot, but what sucks more than this is the fact that you see a weird ass look on your picture when you open the camera.

This guy was on tour with his family and was visiting historic locations when he saw this statue. He liked the work on display, but was keener into getting a joke about what really happens when you accidentally open your front camera. You're left ruing the decision of ever wanting to open the camera, and all you want is the time to pass, so that you can do something else.


We mentioned a bit earlier about pet parents doing nothing but posting about their four legged friends, because they love them a lot. If you have someone with a pet on your snapchat, you should get ready to a host of images coming from their side, linked to their pets. They just cannot take a break from posting about their pets.

This guy here had a pet cat and he loved it to bits and pieces, but things got a little too juicy when the cat sat in the corner and had this look on his face. He thought that his feline friend was contemplating something, but just as he took the picture the cat got up and it was evident that he was pooping. Quite a look to have on your face while pooping!

Country Club

This guy was an avid visitor of the country club and had gone to the location on quite a many occasions. He loved going to the club for golfing and just loved being with his mates inside the club. He really did love golfing with them and nothing mattered more than some good strokes to him when he was out golfing with his friends.

One Sunday morning he was out with his friends for a golfing session when one of them lit a cigarette inside the golf cart. The person smoking showed a bit of neglect while disposing the cig off, which meant that the whole cart had caught fire. They soon made their way out safe, but by the time help arrived, the cart was gone. This guy however got his perfect snap for the collection.

World Cup

The soccer world cup is without a doubt one of the most popular events from across the world. A lot of people turn on their Television sets to have a look at the football world cup and it is indeed quite a pleasure to see the best teams in the world battling it out for the laurels. The world cup has a lot of excitement attached to it and is one of the most formidable events in the world.

This girl here is also a fan of the world cup and wanted everyone to see that she was looking at the tourney and was enjoying all of what she was getting to see with the teams in action. There was a lot of action going on, and the world cup looked a bit aesthetic. This is a good way to make your friends on snapchat laugh and appreciate your skills.


We are sure that all women and gay men from across the globe would respond in the affirmative when they see this photo. This photo from an airport was posted by a happy snapchatter, who wanted everyone to see a glitch that she had just seen at the airport she was staying in transit at.

The airport had a signage for directions and it pointed towards the important junctions. The direction at the top led to the checkpoint desk, while the one at the bottom led to the men's lavatory. Since this wasn't mentioned in full, the signage read 'Checkout Men.' The girl taking the snap had a good laugh at this and wanted everyone from her snapchat list to see the photograph and have a good laugh at it too. We hope she didn't take the directions seriously.

Rude Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookies are liked by people across the world as they give them tips on what they should be doing in life. This person over here just got the rudest fortune cookie and we cannot stop hollering in laughter at the snapchat he posted. This guy with a birth problem in his leg had never been able to walk for his life.

He had to go through a wheelchair whenever he went out. He got this fortune cookie once when he was out and after he had a good laugh at it, he posted the picture online for everyone to see. The picture was taken at a good angle that highlighted his leg as well and asked the question whether this was a f*cking joke or what? We love this guy's humor to be honest.

Blending In

People often try a lot to blend in and be a lot like their surroundings. We have seen a lot of people in life who don't really have a distinct personality to themselves and work like chameleons. These people change their personalities and bodies according to the surroundings and are experts at this.

This girl here wanted to wear her favorite outfit to school and went with it. When she reached school, she got a lot of compliments from everyone, until she walked into the lavatory. It was only after she walked into the lavatory that she realized how her outfit looked exactly like the walls and she had inadvertently blended in with the washroom in her school. It is not often that you see such a cardinal mistake happen in front of you to be honest.


This guy had a gecko and he, like every other pet parent that we have over here, really liked posting pictures of the animal on his snapchat. He really did love his pet and both of them had many a fond memories to post on social media. However, things took a nasty turn when he posted this picture online.

The person and the gecko had many a good memories to talk of, and none of them had any bad memories in particular to talk of. However, on one fine day he was about to feed his gecko, the animal turned his back to him and raised the midfinger salute to him. Despite being called numerous times the gecko didn't budge and held the midfinger salute up for the man that he no longer wanted to see.

No Talking

Women really do get very angry if you don't listen to them. They just sit sulking besides you or at the backseat and don't want to talk to you. This guy was asked by his boss to transport a statue to a friend of his. He adhered to it and got the statue loaded in his backseat and started driving towards the person's house.

It was only after he had reached there and was waiting for the person to come out and take the statue that he noticed something peculiar about it. The statue seemed to have the distinct look of a woman sitting in the back seat and not willing to talk. This was an interesting experience for the man, and he loved documenting it for everyone to see and enjoy this pose that women always have.



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