15 Signs That You Are in a Controlled Relationship

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 27, 2018

If you've found yourself a good partner, hold on to tight to that person. But if the partner you have is controlling you, manipulating you, abusing you, then it is time to call it quits. They are not someone worth spending your life with. There are other fish in the sea that would suit as a better partner. Is your partner guilty of the following 15 signs?

It's your fault

Although getting into a fight is a normal and healthy part of a relationship, both partners contribute to the friction between each other. IT's not the fault of just one person. So if your partner places the blame on you, they're controlling you.


It is one thing to be crass when you're both alone, it is entirely different when they don't care what the other people will think. If your partner believes that you are not entitled to a good evening out, they are manipulative.


The first thing a narcissist does is to try isolating you from your family members and friends. At first they try to guilt trap you into believing their words, when you fall for their trap, their plans have been turned into action.

Digging deep

Your partner wants to learn everything there is to know about you. All the weaknesses, all the strength, every person you've ever dated and every person you've called an enemy. This is another aspect of their manipulation.

They challenge your belief systems

Although it is different to change your beliefs because you are inspired by your partner's beliefs which could be better than yours, it is entirely different when your partner begins to hate you for your current beliefs and forces you to change them.

He doesn't love you all the time

Love is something which you are entitled to you. It is not something you have to 'earn your right to'. That is how relationships are established - based purely on love and a desire to love someone else.

He brings up past bickering

There are times when you both had a bad history, your partner makes sure to remember and record those conversations to bring them up the next time you enter into a fight. This is used as a hedge against you.

Respect is a two way street

But your partner offers nothing in the way of respect and expects you to respond with nothing but profound reverence. If they don't appreciate you for what you have to offer, they will turn crass. Respect is a right.

They make you doubt yourself

A partner is someone who goes out of their way to comfort you and make your beliefs firmer than ever before. Instead your current partner only wants to isolate you from your goals in life, weakening your resolve.

Emotionally draining

Every day is a new opportunity for this person to leach off of your energy. They use each and every moment to make you feel miserable. At the end of the day you feel incredibly exhausted and defeated.

Compares you to others

When they begin to compare you to someone else you're not supposed to be, it's a sign that they may be using you until they find someone else. Use this opportunity to dump this person for greener pastures.

They get very angry at you

It is one thing to get slightly annoyed at you, it is entirely different when this person begins to get angry at you. You can sense that there is something ominous about this person when their mood swings.

Physical threat

You should draw the line when it comes to physical assault. If the person has a violent history, chances are they will turn violent toward you as well. Because this is an innate characteristic they cannot change.

Never giving you gifts

If this person used to give you gifts in the past but for some unknown reason has complexly changed their patterns and no longer surprises you every now and then, chance are that they have become bored of you.

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