Guys Don't Do These 15 Mistakes Unless You Want to Fail Your Girl

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | October 15, 2017

Relationships are a delicate matter - you have to know how to balance dozens of different factors each day in order for everything to function properly. It is very easy to mess things up and get on bad terms with your partner, and that was one of the reasons why I decided to write this article. Below, I've listed 15 different mistakes guys do in relationships that can harm them in the long run - so try not to this stuff. Let's begin:

Talking about Ex's

Many guys have a double standard here, where they are allowed to brag and talk about their exes, while women are supposed to pretend that their past doesn't exist. Either stop talking about your past sex life or learn to accept your partner's history.

Being in Conflict With Your Mother-In-Law

Many girls have a love and hate relationship with their mother-in-law. The problem is that many times guys will have a lot of respect for their mother's and will never take their girlfriend's side in arguments, which make your girlfriend feel unsupported.

Getting Jealous

Many women are jealous of their husband - in many cases, any kind of female attention that you would get can get them jealous. Yet, they try to hide this jealousy so they don't disappoint. Learn a lesson here, and try to return the favor next time you get jealous.

Her Need for Pleasure

Just like guys like to experience pleasure and have fun, so do girls. They especially love long foreplay before sex, so try to be more giving next time and fulfill some of her wishes or maybe even fetishes - it will make your relationship stronger.

Her Cheating

I'm not saying that you should accept her cheating or anything like that - what I'm what trying to say that many times when a girl cheats, it could be that the relationship is failing in some important way. It is important to remedy this problem before it gets too late.

Her Source of Income

Just because your wife is earning more or less than you, doesn't change your equality in the relationship. Women are today much more emancipated than in the past, and guys need to learn to accept this new reality and all the changes that brings.

Buying Too Many Stuff

Girls are known to go out to buy a book or something else trivial, and then to come back home with a $200+ receipt. You shouldn't accept this kind of behavior, but you also shouldn't make her feel too bad about it - learn to be understanding.

PMS Problems

Everyone knows about PMS - it is literally the worst period (pun intended!) to have a conversation with your girlfriend or wife. You should do what I do in these situations, and just try to talk or see her less often during that difficult week in the month.

When She Is Not Feeling Good

Try to be understanding and help out when your wife gets ill or otherwise needs some treatment. This is a difficult period for her, so don't blame her for any potential problems that could come up in the house or with the kids. Try to relax her.

They Eat a Lot More

This one kind of surprised me, but it appears that women are just playing when they are in company and maintain a "not too hungry" attitude. That whole attitude vanishes once they are left alone - in those few hours they could eat like a 250lbs man!

Her Social Media Accounts

I've never thought people could fall so low, but it appears as if some people share their social media passwords with their partners so they can check up on what the other is doing. This is an obviously insane thing to do, and no adult should find himself in a situation like that.

Read Between the Lines

Many times a wife won't tell the husband everything that annoys her in him, since she doesn't want to do (too) much drama around the house. Yet, you should learn to read between the lines, as many times she could be hinting at what annoys you without saying it.

Her Success

In these modern times, the amount of success a woman can have is much higher - and in some cases, it can even rival your level of success. You have to learn to accept this, and give support in times when she is doing great and becoming more successful (i.e., getting a promotion).

Bank Accounts

Just like with the part about the social media passwords, some couples also share their banking details so they can keep an eye out on all the money coming in and out. This is very child-like, and no one over the age of 12 should consent to this.

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