10 Rules On How To Be a Happy Person In Life

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 26, 2018

Nothing hits as hard as life and we are constantly in a battle in order to create a better for ourselves and make it an ambitious concept for ourselves and those around us. Life is a losing battle, it always has been and will always remain so due to the tenacious nature in which we are forced to contend with it. However, there must always be the idea that if we don't tackle this there will be no happiness.


Life is what we call ourselves and our roles in it. We are aware of the famous rules of life that Rumi suggested or more so with what Shakespeare suggested when he said that all of life is full of stages where we all play our roles to the best of our abilities.


These roles that Shakespeare spoke off, Kafka dramatized and finally Hemingway romanticized is the literal manifestation of our relationship with the world and the other human being fortunate enough to occupy space besides us. This is everlasting truth of life that everyone finds out.


The world is constantly undergoing changes that we cannot control, that we cannot fathom and that we cannot hope to supersede in any fashion that is what we must do and realize with ferociousness the complications of the move if we do.


Is life the best in the essence that it be spent for the benefit of others rather than a person's own obligatory control of their life. It is not the option that begins with the question that we are all incredibly grateful to the ideal personality highlighted.


Can true happiness be attained through a profound display of altruism and being so selfless that we literally live our lives for others? Such a concept seems like a distant thruway from the reality that we have arranged for ourselves I this regard.


The true path to happiness is paved in the ambitions we set for ourselves and can only be attained when we devote our entire energies to the gain of what we have done and how we plan on getting there without delay in any regard.


The direction we set for ourselves is what we hope to enact in such a way that no one feels left behind and we have the ability to ascertain our concept to await the abilities that we have negated all these years and how we hope to survive these years.


The real enemy we have in our midst, the one who certainly does not want us to survive is the one you'll find when you star long and hard in the mirror. It is the truth that cannot be and must never ever be dismissed without prior notice of any kind.

The future:

The vision is most clear when you try to focus on short term goals that you know can be achieved through minimum efforts that require the fewer acts from you and maximum effort in a way that does extract much ambition and effort from you in any way.

Self help:

Just like you are your own biggest enemy you are also your biggest friend and only you can acclaim such as position which would enable you to control a sizeable portion of your resources to devote towards accomplishing your stated principles.


Happiness is only a side effect. A side effect of all those positive energies and abilities that you have invested in your efforts across these years. Without the idea of where life may lead you there is no way to accentuate what you may be able to accomplish.


Success is the best tonic any man can find in his or her drawer without having to rely on the beggar that would negate his own social or moral standing in this world. However, once success is achieved all those qualms will disappear and you will have a lot to achieve.


Always remember to build up a great sense of tolerance due to what has been considered the biggest appreciation of ideas that need to be vilified in other words and would not be considered decent. Being the bigger person is what will lead to greater success.


Communication is the tool that the most successful people most rely upon. This is where ideas will never be able or potent enough to destroy the insufferable truth that concepts as abstract as this are never easy or quantifiable to comprehend in any way.

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