15 Pictures That Challenge Your Inner Thinking Abilities

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 26, 2018

You must have wondered at some point what our personality is made up of. There are far too many psychological tests for us to take and they all have different, varying results. They could declare you to be a mad psychopath hell bent on taking over the world, or they could diagnose you as a mentally disabled, which isn't very accurate to be honest. These 15 tests will accurately evaluate your personality.

The first thing

What is the first thing which pops into your head when you meet a person? Are you able to see them instantly as a friend or do you scrutinize their intentions before proceeding forward with them? Think carefully.


Your friends would put you in charge of only those things which they believe you're capable of protecting. They would not burden you with items which are beyond your control. But it can also shed some light on what they think of you.

Losing your tooth

I think we all remember at least vaguely what it felt like to loose a tooth. It doesn't have to be the first time for us to lose the tooth, only the first time when we remember having lost the tooth.

When are you creatively active?

When are you extremely creatively active? The time of day can mean a lot of things. If you work at your best during the night time, it means you are a psychopath who doesn't want to socialize with people.

Who would you share your lunch with?

The person that you share your lunch with can give us a lot of insights about the person that calls your heart home. Here are the following choices: Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla.

How does your desk look like right now?

If your desk looks squeaky clean, it means you are a perfectionist who wants to make everything fall in accordance with their wishes. If your desk is cluttered, it means you simply do not have the time to care for small things in life.

Your best game

There are two types of games which you should have some competency over. This includes Chess and Risk. Both of these require a lot of strategy, diplomacy and plenty of conflict resolutions which could unravel your personality.

Pitching your idea to someone else

What is the hardest part about pitching your idea to someone else? Are you able to make proper eye contact? Are you able to get your point across in minimal words? Are you able to engage them in healthy banter?

What are your beliefs?

The intent is to not make a mockery of your beliefs, but more about what you think is the silliest aspects of your belief? Do you consider walking under the ladder to be an ill omen? Do you have other beliefs similar to this?

What do you eat for food?

The food you eat also influences your psychological make up. If you eat healthy, it affects your well being and thought process in positive ways. If you don't eat healthy, it takes a toll on your mental faculties.

What do you see when you see these picture?

Each of these pictures signifies something which we're all too familiar with. You only have to dig deep in side of your memories and put two and two together. The solution is right there in front of you

What each of these pictures mean

1) A normal person will see candle or a stand.

2) Some people think they see a paratrooper.

3) This looks like a compass but it creative thinkers believe it also looks like a hungry baby bird beckoning for its mama to come feed it.

Explanation part 2

4) This looks like puddles on a road but a proper understanding of the picture shows that it is indeed a giraffe being viewed from the window of a second flood building

5) It is a bear destroying a tree.

Explanation 3

6) This is a car wheel but is actually a dancing Mexican who is wearing a sombrero.

7) Most people will see the half of a sausage or a bow tie. Also looks like a train exiting a tunnel

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