15 Signs That Your Man Truly Loves You

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 26, 2018

If only it were as easy as using a device to scrutinize someone's true intentions. Unfortunate as it is, human emotions are not easy to decode unless they admit their feelings to you without a tinge of lie in their words. But there are always psychological cues for those with the proper understanding. These 15 signs will help you decode his true intents.

He listens to you

When you speak, he remains silent and tries to make appropriate eye contact with you. He only speaks when it is time for him to speak. One thing to watch out for is whether he looks bored or not.

He bonds with you family members

Your best friends and family members always have the best intentions in their heart for you. If they are able to bond over this guy without any problems, it definitely means that you have landed yourself a keeper.

He involves you in his conversations

The man is adamant about making you privy to most of his conversations. Whenever he goes outside, he is keen on taking you along with him. This means he is proud of you hanging out with him.

He is happy of your success

Most women are now becoming increasingly conscious of their careers and want to climb up the ladder of success. Some jealous men however feel threatened when these women become more successful than them, a man who truly loves you has no room for envy.

He always supports you

The man sticks by you through thick and thin. He is with you through both the good times and the bad. During the good times, he shares in your joy, in the bad periods, he encourages you and gives a helping hand.

He gives you gifts

Even though he doesn't have much in the way of life savings and lives pay check through pay check, the man goes out of his way to purchase gifts for you. Each of these gifts is specifically chosen for your tastes.

He shares in the same hobby as you

The man shares the same hobbies as you. If he doesn't share the same interests, he is going to find a way to become attached to the same interests, because to him, the end goal is to spend as much time as possible.

He puts you above everything else

The man will literally catch a grenade for you if it comes to that. You are his number one priority in life and could very well be your 'knight in shining armor'. This sense of protection gives him purpose in life.

His heart flutters when he sees you

One of the big signs of love is that his heart begins to race whenever he makes eye contact with you. The mere whiff of the air around you is just enough to drive him absolutely crazy.

He includes you in his vacations

He always tries to find a way to include you into his vacations whenever he gets time off from work. This is his perfect opportunity to spend as much time as is remotely possible with in your presence.

He never gets irritated

There is a difference between being angry and being irritated. It is quite understandable to get angry every once in a while, but irritation is a sign that something is wrong in the relationship. He never gets irritated.

He never becomes violent

One of the biggest no-nos about the man's mental temperament is his tendency to become violent when he isn't in his happy moods. If he doesn't hesitate to raise a finger on you, then he isn't the right man for you.

Stealing glances

He admires you whenever is possible for him. Sometimes you are able to see him stealing glances of you, swiftly shifting glances away from you as soon as you establish eye contact. He isn't being creepy, just trying to admire you.

He knows when to stop

Sometimes a guy becomes too creepy for women to handle, but even though he might be obsessed with you, he knows when to stop from hopping on over to creep territory. A guy who obsesses over you is narcissistic, not in love.

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