15 Puzzles That Are Trickier Than They Seem

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 26, 2018

There is more to a good puzzle than you first begin to understand. As is usual with everything mysterious in life, you have to give it a second look to make sense of it. These puzzles are by nature designed to trick your brain in creative ways. If you are able to solve all the questions without checking the answers down below, you could be considered a true genius.

Find the murderer

Only a psychopath with nefarious schemes can murder someone, normal people cannot bring themselves to fathom the crime much less commit it. The answer is number four because he has a scratch on his neck and he looks like he was in a scuffle.

The number in the last triangle

This requires the understanding and application of arithmetic or geometric progression methods. Either one of these methods has the answer to unlocking the clue. If you've been unable to select the right answer, the number is three.

The difference between reality and toys

With the advent of technology, our world of delusions only became bigger and it has today become more difficult to separate between reality and truth. The answer is the watch on the left because the minute hand is too long to pass around.

Dividing the cake

Dividing a round cake into equal parts for eight people while making only three cuts is very tricky. But if you could learn it, you would save yourself from pointless arbitrations. The answer requires a separate slide of its own.

Making the precise cuts

You first start by halving the cake into four equal quarters. The first slice should separate two equal hemispheres while the second slice should give you two more slices. Make yet another slice toward the side and you have yourself equal slices.

Alternating these cups

The point to be noted in this picture is that the water levels are not required to be the same. They can fluctuate. The question asks you to alternate the glasses with only one action. The action in this case has been explained.

The obvious

The answer is quite simple and obvious. Just pour the glass from the second left to the right left. Remember that the water levels are not required to be the same. They can be different, but the action has to be performed only once.

Count the number of cubes

The answer is nine. It is also an easy puzzle to solve, count the cubes on the base which are five. The cubes on the second level are three. There is only one cube at the top. This equals a total of nine cubes.

The ages of father and son

There are various answers to this question, the three most common of which are 60 and 6, 42 and 24, 51 and 15. This falls within the parameters of the question and doesn't violate any laws. Coincidentally, the sum of their ages is also 66.

Place of the question mark

This also requires a thorough understanding of numerical analytics such as arithmetic and geometric progression methods. This time however, the answer isn't as obvious you first thought it was. The answer is the letter 'R' because it is the pattern of a shifting gear.

100 should be the result

You can only use '+' and '-' signs up to three times in order to get the result of 100. You are not allowed to change the order of the numbers either. This can be a tad bit tricky to solve, but we have the answer in the next slide.

The real answer

Place a minus between 124 and 45. A minus between 45 and 67. A plus between 67 and 89. The answer is going to be 100. Numerous puzzles can be created based on the same technique and it can make for a fun exercise.

Separate the trees

You are required to separate these trees in such a manner that you make 5 rows with 4 trees in each row. The answer is right there in front of you! All you have to do is think outside the box.

A rather complex solution

Although arriving at the solution might seem like an arduous task, the answer is to place them in the shape of a star. When you trace the outline of the star, you only have five rows with four trees in each row.

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