Etiquette Rules People Break Without Even Realizing It

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 22, 2018

People need to realize the reason why so many women have started claiming that chivalry is dead. It is the reason why almost all people will never be able to accommodate the necessary exchanges that life will have in our most moderate fashion. Those things will never amount to much but this can never be idealistic and be really ignored for long.

The women:

The women in this world have gotten so sophisticated and unruly that they now expect to be treated on equal terms. This is more than a long time coming. They know that performances should entitle them to a better if not equal status in life and society.

The men:

The men must accept absolute responsibility for this. They have been completely oblivious to the changing demands as well as the heightening changes in the demand of ideas that have been placed on us with the regards to life which will see them being bumped off the top place by a distant margin.

The society:

The society has facilitated this arrangement for a long time. And there is no reason to assume why exactly this has happened. Primarily because there is a great deal of ambiguity about what has been accomplished by the people who identify such abilities.

The perceptions that people have is something that has left us all intricate ad wanting to leave a lasting impression on people who are unable and incapable of answering their responsibility in life accordingly in a safe and harmful way.


This is a sad realization that we've just started having. People have too long have been shading off their own personal responsibilities in many aspects of life and have preferred to imagine these problems as simply a product of time which will go away accordingly.


Changes to that are absolutely needed as it will ensure that we evolve and revolutionize our abilities in the most capable ways. Men have to be the ones who welcome the women to this fold. And if they are unable to do so they will have alienated them for too lo0ng


Will the changes that we're proposing make a significant tor immediate impact? Probably not because we know that sociological changes like these take years before we come up with a relevant excuse to make ourselves relevant or even a major force in society.

The future:

It is the futures that will the most impacted by this. The reason for that is that this will transform the world around us altogether and make sure that future generations have a far better world to live in then their predecessors.


Most of these things are habits or nuances that we've simply forgotten because we find ourselves incapable to adapt or even accepting of ideas that do not fit into the mindset that we've set for ourselves. This is something will radically change our future.


The chivalrous thing we've forgotten altogether is to let women have the first try at almost everything. From getting into elevators firs tot letting them have the chance to be the ones to get off first in almost all cases of public services.

Bless you:

This is particularly disappointing because of the way we've seen life around us develop or make differences in the life aspect of things. It is something that all people will find themselves dealing with regardless of their status in life.

Covering mouth:

We know it is our basic and most fundamental instinct that we want to be the ones who appreciate the fear of life and how we've been able to comprehend the changes that life will bring to ideas liked the comprehension of life and its most fundamental aspects.

No compliments:

It is a grave since that has long been touted as the reason why we need to bring back the basic development back in society because most people do this and feel like they're fully justified in coming out with these practices.

The marriage:

Whoever did come up with the idea of congratulating the groom on the marriage and not the groom himself? This is a grossly sexist and violent in intention thing to do and this needs to go as soon as possible due to the glaring differences.

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