15 Things That Can Be More Useful If Used Differently

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 22, 2018

Common tools which we take for granted (and for being completely useless) actually have been designed to serve more than one function. All you need to do is open up your eyes and see the possibilities. But if for some reason you're unable to find the small details in these items, we have created this list to help you narrow down those reasons.

The plastic cup

Ever wondered why those single use disposable plastic cups have clearly visible indents on their outlines? This is because they also serve as a measuring cup and prevent you from overdrinking if done right. Watch out for those indents.

Did your hair just turn green?

Some women (and indeed some unprofessional saloons) don't have much in the way of professional finesse and are unable to dye their hair properly. Sometimes they end up having a green tinge. The solution is simple, spread a few tablespoons of ketchup on your hair and leave for 30 minutes.

The construction bricks

The world's most popular construction bricks, Lego bricks serve more important roles than hurting our feet and resulting in a load of pain to us. They can also be used as a means to hang your items on the wall.

Blinder clips

What function do they serve other than to hold pieces of paper in their positions? Well they can also be used to prevent cords from overlapping with each other. Simply latch them on the edge of the table and forget the chaos from 'raveling'.

What in the world is that?

That is an old rake which occupied unnecessary space in the gardens. But this owner found a bright idea. He washed it, took the handle off and gave it a completely brand new paint job. As can be see, it works perfectly.

Olive oil

Although olive oil has many purposes to help us both with important nutrient intake and cosmetic makeovers, they can be used to paint the shoes to a completely brand new look. The more layers of oil you apply, the darker they become.

Keep your fingers safe

Clothespins serve little function other than to hold clothes. But they can also be used (rather intuitively) to keep your fingers safe from the powerful thud of a hammer. They can keep your fingers a safe distance away from the deadly weapon.

Muffin tin

Don't use them just to contain a bunch of tasty muffins. These massive trays can be used to store so much more stuff than we give them credit for. In this picture they are being used to store an assortment of condiments.

Spaghetti sticks

You want to light a candle, but the wick has burnt out for some reason. You don't want to get your hands burnt in the process of getting some fresh wick out. You can relax because spaghetti sticks have come to your rescue.

Vicks vapo rub

Vicks Vapo rub serve an enormous number of functions other than just to treat a cold which doesn't go away. They can be used to treat earache by rubbing a small amount of it on a cotton ball and placing it on the ear.

Hole in the lid

The hole in the cap of a ballpoint is used to lower the risk of a child from suffocating to death once they have ingested the cap. The hole is there to keep the airway from closing up entirely.

The hole in the airplane windows

The hole serves two functions. One is to regulate pressure different so that the outer window isn't overwhelmed and the second is to prevent the window from getting fogged up entirely. It is able to get the job done admirably.

Extra pieces of fabric

Most clothes have extra pieces of fabric which hold an important function. They are used to test how different laundry detergents (and machine settings) react with the garment so you don't end up ruining your new clothes.

The extra pocket on your jeans

The extra pocket was designed to keep your pocket watch when it was first invented. Today it serves little purpose other than to make us mildly infuriated at the prospects of figuring out what its used for.

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