15 Reasons Why Canada Is An Amazing Place To Live

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 20, 2018

Besides the free healthcare, fresh air and unblemished natural landscape of the place, there are several reasons why Canada is one of the best places to live on earth. Their children frequently score among the top 10 in all countries worldwide in the OECD math and science tests. These 15 reasons will make you fall in love with Canada, one of the most tolerant places in the world.

The politest country in the world

Countless memes have been generated about why Canada is the politest country in the world. Meanwhile the general culture in the US has been shifting toward that of less empathy than their previous generations. Canadians are nicer and polite.

The food is to die for

The only things you can get to eat in the US is burgers and hot dogs. While that might taste good for a while, eventually it becomes bland and repetitive. There is only so much pizza you can eat before getting bored.

Canada is relatively more tolerant

In the wake of the recent elections in the US, the current administration hasn't been too tolerant of other people and demographics. Least to say, the mantle of being more progressive goes to Canada for embracing other people.

Canadians are the best at a game of hockey

Hockey is that one sport which engages the core muscles of the body and gives us lots of cardiovascular exercises. The result is a leaner, more chiseled and more confident population which has healthy look on life.

Crime is down

When was the last time you heard of mass shootings and large scale homicide take place in Canada? In contrast the US has become somewhat of a hub for the criminal activities while Canada has become a safe haven for the downtrodden.

More prosperity

Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, a stark contrast to the USA's economy which has been hampered by the numerous wars it has inadvertently become a part of. An average Canadian is richer by about $40,000.

Free healthcare

Need we say much more than that? Canada has free healthcare which should now become a human right. In contrast, the health insurance industry in the US is still looking confused and remains uncertain about the future.

They invented basketball

It was the Canadians who first invented basketball, although it has become extremely popular in the US. Many Canadians are regularly selected in the NBA draft, this includes the likes of Anthony Bennett in 2013 and Andrew Wiggins in 2014.

They have an amazing sense of humor

Canada is home to some of the most popular comedians worldwide, this includes Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Martin Short and Seth Rogan. Although they found their fame in the US, they trace their lineage back to Canada.

Canada is extremely beautiful

Canadians have massive lakes and rivers which are virtually untouched by urban development. They also have access to three oceans and are one of the few places on earth where you can ski and surf at the same time.

They have produced numerous musicians

Some of the biggest names in the musical industry are Canadian. This includes Justin Bieber, Shania Twain, Dwain Foster, Sarah McLachlan, Drake and Anne Murray. They also found the bulk of their fame in the United States.

Beautiful cities

Toronto was named the fourth most beautiful city in the world. Canada was also selected by PwC as one of the 30 destinations to call home because of their state of the art education, quality of life and health.

Free education

Canada is home to free tuition. More than 70 percent of students in Canada receive grants which cost more than their college tuition fees, this means that upon graduation, they have nothing in the way of a crippling debt.

Best place to be during winter

Canada has an amazing tourism industry which comes alive during winter. The attendees are able to check out some cool snow sculptures and compete in absolutely fun events and the best part is all the tasty food.

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