Movie Mistakes That Are Very Hard to Notice at First

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 20, 2018

It is not easy to shoot a multimillion dollar movie with absolute perfection. The burden is too much for producers to bear because they aren't always able to handle the pressure of delivering the perfect movie. The actors, the budget and the expectations can take a toll on even the best of directors. Even when directors are able to persevere, they always leave imperfections in their wake. Here are 15 of these imperfections.

The Green Mile

The Green Mile probably ranks very high on the list of movies which made us shed rivers of tears. This rather sorrowful movie redefined the very definition of grief. Although the movie has been set in 1935, it wasn't until 1941 that the electric chair was first used.


The primary message of the movie to the audience is to fight for freedom and to lay down your life if possible to achieve this noble goal. But did you know that the kilt, a symbol of Scotland appeared didn't appear until the 18th century but the movie was set in the 13th century.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Lily Evans Potter, Harry Potter's mother is supposed to have green eyes. But in the movie the role is played by an actress who possesses brown eyes instead of green. A marked deviation from JK Rowling's vision.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

When Bilgo Baggins was in stasis, he was unable to open or close his eyes because the web was all over his body. The movie however completely changed this and not only was Baggins able to movie his eyes but the web was uncovered around his chin.

Forrest Gump

When Forrest Gump invested in what he thought was a 'fruit company' it turned out to be the iconic manufacturer of cutting edge computers, Apple. In one of the scenes Gump receives a letter from the company dated 1975, but the company was founded in 1976.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

During the third part of this pirate movie, Captain Barbossa and Elizabeth Swan go to Singapore to find Captain Sao waiting for them. The movie is set in the 18th century but modern Singapore itself took place in 1819.

The most unusual UFO ever

It is no doubt that the movie Troy took place in the ancient times, much before the invention of aeroplanes, which weren't invented until the 20th century. But as can be seen, you can make out the silhouette of a plane in the background.

Game of Thrones

The Unsullied are known as warriors whose sole purpose in life is to sacrifice their life to Daenerys, their new Queen. As such, none of them have any relationships with women (or men for that matter). But this picture clearly shows that one of them is married!

Django Unchained

Jamie Foxx played the role of a charismatic young Django and wore sunglasses in the movie which clearly weren't invented up until the 1900s when they were sold in the US The movie is set in 1858. This doesn't take away from the gripping action however.

Captain America: Civil War

In the clash between Captain America and Spider Man, Spider Man grabs the Captain's shield by covering it with a web. In the next stage, when he is holding the shield, it is completely clean of the web.


In this heroic gladiator movie about one man going against an a cruel emperor, he takes on an entire chariot. When he fells the chariot with his swift fighting skills, you can clearly see a gas canister at the back of the chariot.

Jurassic Park

This was the frightening scene which set things in motion, showcasing the power and insatiable appetite of the hungry dinosaurs. When the goat's leg lands on the roof, it disappears in the next scene as if it weren't there.

Star Wars

This is probably one of the most well known mistakes in movies. A stormtrooper bangs his head on the door as he tries to rush in for the call of duty. Numerous movies have circulated around the internet because of this one meme.

Beauty mark

Kate Winslet was given a beauty mark on her face. But as can be clearly seen, the beauty mark immediately switched sides. Unless they did this deliberately in the movie to let the viewers know how beauty conscious young Rose is.

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