15 Important Truths Stephen Hawking Showed Us

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 19, 2018

Stephan Hawking was definitely one of a kind and about him it can safely be said that the world will never any other of his kind ever again. The maestro lived his life in the most passionate manner ever and his life is an example for all of us to learn a lot from. Here we present 10 important truths that he showed us.

March 14

Hawking made an enormous contribution to the world of science, despite his natural inability. He died on the night of March 14, not after leaving a great contribution to the world that he had till recently lived in.

Important Lessons

Although, it would be difficult to compress all that Hawking showed the world within one article, but we have done our best to compile his lifelong work into an article and present it for all of us to see and learn from.

IQ is for Fools

Stephen Hawking was of the perception that IQ wasn't a mean to judge the intelligence of someone. He didn't even know his IQ score and was not interested in the questions. He once mentioned that losers cared for this score.


Stephen Hawking once mentioned that our planet was an aquarium with bulging walls. He said that all of us were fish inside a bowl like aquarium. We have no information of the world from the outside, and only see it from our perspective.

The Universe Formed from Nothing

According to Stephen Hawking, the universe originated from nothing in particular. He believed that the universe could easily generate from itself without the need for anything in particular. The Big Bang Theory states that the universe existed as a tiny, hot particle.

14 Billion Years

The hot particle we had eventually exploded around 14 billion years from now and formed the universe that we know of today. The particle had infinite gravity, huge density and infinite mass to boast of at that time.

Suffered from ALS

Stephen Hawking is considered as a genius because he made all of his learning and his studies despite the condition of ALS that he suffered. The disease took over him when the great physicist was only 18 years old.


He was told that he would only live 2 years more, but Hawking went on to prove all his medical practitioners wrong by living a successful life doing what he had dreamt of. He published a lot of work in his field of interest.


Hawking believed that it was not ignorance that was the enemy of knowledge, but it was illusion. We may think that we know everything that is to know in this world, but that is a false perception that we are better off dropping.

Not Earth

When he was asked about his ultimate place to visit in Earth, he said that he wouldn't want to explore any place in Earth, but would rather go out from here. He said if he had the money and resources he would go out of this world.

The Past Has Many Possibilities

According to Hawking's events in the past don't occur in a linear pattern, and only happen in all possible ways. And, before an outside observer appears and tells what's on, these memories float in an uncertain state unknown to us.


Einstein and Hawking both had differences on many aspects, but they believed that time was a relative concept. The closer the object is to Earth, the slower time will flow for it. Hawking said that this principle should be implemented while programming GPS systems.

Fate is an Illusion

Hawking didn't believe that things in were life were predetermined and once jokingly mentioned that all pronounced fatalists look around to cross the road. He said that human race would finish soon, but they would have explored all of space by the time they did.

Life is Not Tragic

Hawkings believed that life isn't tragic. He was specifically quoted to have said that life would be tragic, if it wasn't funny. As his followers and people close by mourn his death, this quote keeps them going forward.

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