Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 19, 2018

While it is okay to have water as your most used fluid, there are certain situations where you shouldn't just jump into drinking water when you are feeling thirsty. Here we look at some of these situations and tell you exactly why you shouldn't be going for a drink hurriedly when you get into such situations. Avoid water in these situations.

Right before Bed

You should always look to avoid drinking water before you go to bed, because of the negative repercussions it can have. If you do so you can have minor interruptions in you sleep and may have a hard time sleeping.


Since our kidneys tend to work slower during the night then they work during the day, we may face some limb and facial swelling when we wake up during the morning. This can increase if we drink water.

During Intense Workout

Scientists and researchers have proven that taking excessive amount of water while working out can bring side effects. Your body temperature is expected to rise during an intense workout session and cause you to feel hotter than usual.


If you do intake a lot of water during a workout session, you may end up experiencing minor headaches along with dizziness and nausea. Excessive liquid intake during workouts can also be dangerous for people with heart diseases.

Colorless Urine

People often make the assumption of associating colorless urine with a healthy lifestyle and think that they should continue with the water intake that they are becoming prone to. This isn't true at all and has some repercussions.


Colorless urine is not an indication of a healthy lifestyle, but suggests that you are over-hydrated and need to cut down on the water intake to ensure that you don't suffer from low sodium levels in your body.

Spicy Foods

Another mistake that a lot of us end up making is that we think that we can wash down spicy foods by drinking as much water as we want. The burning sensation is caused by a molecule called capsaicin, which may not go away after water.


If you use water to negate the impact of something spicy that you have just had then you are helping the item to spread in your mouth. It is better that you drink milk or take any other dairy meal for better impact.

During Meals

Drinking a lot of water during the meal that we are having may lead to indigestion within the body. This is a growing concern that needs to be treated with a lot of care. It is necessary that you limit your intake of water during meals.


You can suffer indigestion if you drink water during meals as you may soon feel that the food you're eating is not digested by the saliva and the enzymes in it, because you drink water to send it straight down.

From Garden Hose

It is extremely important that you take care of your hygiene while drinking water from anywhere. You cannot risk drinking water from a garden hose, because the elements present inside the pipe are dangerous and unsafe for you.

Organ Damage

Drinking water from any source that is not reliable may end up disrupting your organs within the body. This organ damage may impact your kidney and liver. You may also experience a disease called organotin, which disrupts your endocrine system.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificiant sweeteners are not only very unhealthy themselves, but they also enhance your appetite and look out for more options for food. You're ultimately drinking these sweeteners and messing your own body shape up for your future life.

Sea Water

Everyone knows that drinking sea water can be dangerous, but only few of us know why. Drinking a lot of sea water can disrupt the quantity of salt within your body and may make you feel weak and out of control.

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