15 Extraordinary Scientific Facts That Seem Too Crazy To Be True

Science | By Cole Damon | March 19, 2018

It is a quotation that has become more and more accurate as the time has passed. "Truth is stranger than fiction" and in the following cases, that certainly seems to be the case. What we mean by that is the idea that science has the capability to ensure that we are constantly in awe of the things that are possible in this world and still be left in a state of disbelief even after science has ratified those claims. Such is the beauty of science and our world.


When someone asks you, what is the coldest place in the Universe, the first images that prop up in our minds is that maybe the further planets like Neptune or Saturn or maybe galaxies that have dimly lit stars...however, it is here on earth. A scientific experiment that turned a place into absolute zero.


Here's a statement to befuddle your mind, "If we could get rid of all the empty spaces in atoms, all of humanity could fit inside an apple". What this means is quite simple and yet intricate...spaces make up most of everything we see around us, eliminate that and well, you have something unique.

The taste:

There is a special compound that makes raspberries taste the way they do, that compound is abundant across the universe. This means that if we could somehow taste the flavor of the entire universe then it would probably taste something like raspberries.


There's so many things that we know in our world that could define the word, "slippery". However, what most people don't know or refuse to believe is the fact that one of the world's slipperiest substances can be found in our own knees...surprising, right?

Really old:

What does the term "Armillaria ostoyae" mean to you? Nothing much in most cases. However, it is by far the biggest and perhaps even the oldest living creature in the world at 2,400 years of age. It is spread across 2,174 acres and grows in Malheur.

A healthy brain:

The reason why many people are still perplexed and quite frankly astounded at a squid's ability to cause such damage is because of his anatomy. A squid's brain resembles that of a bagel and the reason is also evolutionary. It allows the squid to ingest huge chunks of food without damaging the brain.


This comes as a great surprise to many but the common house flea can accelerate around 50 times faster than the space shuttle. In its jumps, it can cover around 3.14 inches per millisecond which would make it one of the fastest moving living organisms.


The human lungs are important and incredibly crucial parts of the anatomy. It is for this reason that they retain such importance in such discussions. What's surprising about them is that they have the same surface area as that of a regular tennis court.

Familiar faces:

The archerfish has long fascinated people with its mahogany of features and abilities that continue to amaze and bemuse scientists and the general populace alike. It was especially amazing when an Oxford study revealed that they can recognize familiar faces 80% of the time.

Paris' pride:

The pride of Paris is undoubtedly the magnificent monument that graces its skyline across the ages. However, what many people around the world, as well as many Parisians don't know is that the Eiffel Tower's height increases 5.9 inches in the summer.

The infamous static:

It's a sound that we used to dread as kids. The static sound that the TV makes when there are no signals is something we've learnt to ignore now but few realize that it is actually a sign of the big bang. He big bang created an immense sound that has likewise been echoing around caught by the signals.

Fictional, not:

While this description might seem ludicrous and immensely fictitious, however, there is a species of fish that can not only swim upstream but can actually climb above waterfalls. The Cryptotora thamicola is capable of accomplishing these tasks and manages to climb using its pelvic muscles.

A flawed masterpiece:

The Mona Lisa is for many the perfect example of what "perfect art" should be about. However, as Pascal Cotte an art expert recently discovered that the Mona Lisa has undergone several changes and that there are also features about the painting that have altered through time.

The Brain:

The true capacity as well as the true capabilities of the light bulb is something that have never been truly elaborated as a result. People find it hard to digest but the brain uses as much power as a 10-watt bulb would, whether we're sleeping or awake.

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