15 People Who Lost Weight And Started Living a Whole New Life

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | March 19, 2018

Being obese is a terrible indictment that so many people have to live up with depending on who, how and where they live. Here are cultures and sub-cultures where being obese is considered the mark of a lesser human being and that it cannot lead to anything more than a slight inconvenience for all those around him. But here are some people who overcame that limitation.

Couple goals:

That is the idea that this couple had when they decided to embark upon this journey together. It was always going to be a tough decision but in the end they were both successful which led to them achieving a significant reduction in weigh and a great moral increase.


It seems the love for Pokémon can do wonders for some people just like they did for this young girl who managed to achieve her ideal figure and stay there thanks to her devotion and the end goal of equating each pound lost to a Pokémon captured.

8 months later:

It is hard to imagine someone making a radical transformation like this one in such a short span of time. This has led to people realizing the importance of counting those calories and also never stop believing in yourself and your hard work.

Power couple:

It's always fun to do things on your own without the need to be dependent on anyone. However, there are moments where this vulnerability and the ability to share these moments can be helpful, specially when it means shedding those pounds together.

Look at that:

From Yo mama so fat...! Insults to Yo Mama!!! These are the kind of moments people decide to shed those extra pounds in the first place. For example, there are instances when people deem it necessary for them to achieve dire success no matter what.

The struggle:

The struggle is real, and it's never been more apparent when looking at these photos. It symbolizes what success and struggle and hard work need to be. This woman who struggled for 6 years to reach her desired weigh as well as the requirement needs to be applauded.


Depression is always going to affect the way people react and how they react depends squarely upon their life conditions at the time. For this instance, there is always going to be the realization that people must learn to be appreciative and be like this man.

Health obsession:

We're all aware that those exuberant pounds come with their own set of problems that are going to cause ruptures and magnanimous amounts of problems that will lead to a disparaging set of ideas that can transcend both life and our vision of it entirely.


Problems in our life are a good indicator of where we will eventually end up. That was the case for this woman who probably found solace in the fact that she would be getting rid of these enormous bulges and bringing herself in the shape of a lifetime.

Diet and exercise:

Too many people seem to dismiss something as minimal and fundamental as good dieting and good exercise straight out of hand. There is the ambition that there will always be the ideas worth remembering and we should strive towards them always.

Fab to fit:

This is one those inspirational stories that every person needs everyday to lift them out of the mundane existence and present a case for being active and thoroughly professional throughout the day. In such cases, there will always be a sum of triumphant scales like this gentleman.

Ideas differ:

Take this woman for example. It is fundamental belief that each person is beautiful, unique and special in their own ways however, it is also true that ambitions worth remembering are what are behind ideas like seeing her lose all that weigh. Pure magic.

Evidence is in these frames:

There is always a hint of truth in each frame we see. Now with the advent of Photoshop, that saying has lost a lot of its potency. However, even in that case there will always be the feeling that most people are lucky like this girl to stay true to her end goals.

Small portions:

It's a myth that you need to completely abandon food in order to be successful and be really good at what you do. In such case, always remember to be prepared and be wary of what you need to accomplish. This girl achieved what she wanted through hard work.

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