The 3-Day Military Diet Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds Quickly

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 19, 2018

You read that right, this extremely popular weight losing method allows you to shed weight in as little as three days if done right. If it sounds too good to be true, then it might just be true. Let's give this popular weight losing scheme a chance shall we? It's called the 3-day military diet and is actually backed up by scientific studies!

The reason for its popularity

Practically anything which allows us to lose a ton of weight in just a span of three days is going to become popular. The 3 day military diet does not require you to purchase supplements or perform extraordinary acts of acrobatics.

What you need

What you're going to need is a few ingredients which can be easily procured at the nearest grocery story. These ingredients, which would be listed down in the article, are designed to accelerate your metabolism. So a trip to the grocery store it is!

Getting rid of all that weight

If done right, it will allow you to lose as much as ten pounds in a span of three days. The ingredients mentioned below are low in calories but are packed with energy which includes carbohydrates and protein.

Day 1

For breakfast: Gulp down some hot coffee or tea. A slice of toast which should be slathered with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and half a grapefruit.

Lunch: Hot coffee, tea, a slice of toast.

Dinner: About 90 grams of cooked meat and one cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day 2

Breakfast: Use one slice of toast, a hard boiled, and two bananas.

Lunch: Two hard boiled eggs, a single cup of cottage cheese.

Dinner: Some classic wieners without the bun, a cup of carrots mixed with half a cup of banana.

Day 3

Breakfast: Gulp down 5 saltines, cheddar cheese and a piece of banana

Lunch: Wholegrain toast with two tablespoons of butter and one hard boiled egg.

Dinner: Half a banana and whole cup of your favorite vanilla ice cream.

Optimum results

The best way to achieve optimum results is to diligently follow the diet for straight three days in a row followed by eating normal food for the next four days. It is important to not ruin everything by overeating in those four days.

Keep at it!

Once again the most important tool for anything is to keep at it. The best way for you to lose weight is to not give up. Scientists have shown that having an optimistic outlook on life also helps to shed weight.

Is it too good to be true?

It is most definitely true. Some of our team members were able to experience profound change in their weight simply because they followed this diet plan diligently. There is a reason why it's called the 'military diet'.

Why is it called the military diet

Because it has been, to some extent, used up by military personnel to get in shape. You can't perform heroic acts of feat if your body is pulling down on you every second. Losing weight is vital to good performance in the military.

What if it doesn't work out for me?

It can be understandable that not all of our readers might be able to pull off losing 10 pounds in three days. After all, nothing in life is a one size fits all. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to experiment.

Learn to take risks

It is important to take things differently sometimes. For instance, instead of eating tuna, you could help yourself to a delicious piece of juicy steak. Or alternatively you can skip out on the tuna altogether. The key is to experiment.

Get organic produce

Although they are slightly more expensive than their nonorganic counterparts, organic produce are simply more healthier and contribute to the wellbeing of your body in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Our advice is to get your hands on organic produce if possible.

This isn't a body shaming article

This article is not about body shaming anyone. We are all perfectly beautiful in our own way and no one has the right to tell us otherwise. If you like having an extra couple of pounds near your belly, then more power to you!

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