15 Most Stylish And Attractive Airline Uniforms Ever

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | October 14, 2017

Everyone loves to travel - that's one fact we can all agree on. But not all airlines are the same, just as there are different airplanes out there. Boeing and Airbus the two biggest airplane manufacturers, which kind of makes it easy to remember, since most civilian planes are made by them. But for airlines - there are literally hundreds all over the world. What comes next is a list of the 15 airlines that have the sexiest and most styles airline uniforms - in the world.

Etihad Airways

I had to Google this one since I had no idea where Etihad Airlines is from. It appears they are from the UAE, which is currently experiencing a complete air travel boom. Good for them and good for their uniforms too - they look quite stylish.

Virgin Australia

These girls have a decent looking uniform, but they could lose a few pounds to improve their image. Virgin Australia is Australia's second-largest airline, and it functions is a subsidiary of the British company Virgin, owned by Sir Richard Branson.

Virgin America

Virgin America has a similar design to its uniform as Virgin Australia, but as you can see the employees are much more fit. Great work from the team. Virgin America is a relatively recent development, formed in 2004, while operations started in 2007.

Korean Airlines

Korea is not just famous for its amazing K-Pop music and the ultra-reliable Hyundai and Kia automobiles (some say they are even more reliable than their Japanese counterparts). Korea is also famous for its class-leading airline, which seems self-evident from the photo above.

Air Canada

Canada gets a lot of flack on the hit TV show South Park, but not all is bad in the sparsely populated Northern country. They have a pretty decent airline called "Air Canada," and yeah, their uniforms do appear to be rather modern looking.


"Italia" is how the Italians say Italy, so I guess we can call their airline "Air Italy." Anyway, if you're looking for style and high fashion, look no further - the Italians certainly know how to dress well, and their flight attendants uniforms are no exception.

Hainan Airlines

This is another airline that I have never heard about, but a bit of research online yielded plenty of results. They are based in China and have some rather unique outfit choices - which do not look at all similar to how the other airlines dress.

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines is the largest airline based in Greece, having flights from both Athens and Thessaloniki. Their outfits are okay, although I think they are slightly too much retro looking. I don't think the look works out for them in the summer months.


This is an airline based in Dubai, and they have a great looking Oriental look to their uniforms. I respect nations that don't fear to be unique and preserving their tradition - not everyone has to look Western, and for that I applaud Emirates.


Aeroflot is the largest Russian airline, and as with everything else Russian, the employees look great & extremely fit. Aeroflot is also one of the oldest airlines in the world, formed in the distant 1923 - this was before WWII even happened.


Quantas is the flag carrier of Australia, and they have excellent looking uniforms. Quantas was formed in November 1920, so it is older than even the Russian-based Aeroflot. They are based out of Sydney, and their main hub is the city's airport.

Air France

Air France is doing absolutely fantastic on the image front - they are the first company on the list to rival the Italian-based Alitalia. Air France was formed on 7 October 1933, from a merger between the then largest airlines in France.

National Airlines

National Airlines was a US-based airline that does not exist anymore - but they uniforms may be the best yet. They had over 1,000 flight attendants wear this chic, tiger skin uniform at the company's peak in 1971. Great stuff!


Braniff is also a US-based airline, that is now sadly defunct. Back in the distant 1965, Braniff was the leader of providing glamorous, high-style and unforgettable flying experience for the masses, as can be seen from the above photo.

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