15 Tricky Riddles Set To Test Your Intelligence

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 16, 2018

Logic riddles are a great way to find out how intelligent you are or how well placed you are when it comes to using your brain cells do good impact. These riddles give a lot of insight into what is required for solving problems hurriedly without a problem and what you should be doing in this regard. Go through the list and solve the riddles.

Four Sisters

Seven sisters went to a cottage and the first one started reading a novel, the second one fried pancakes and the third one played chess. What you need to do is to use your brain and tell us what the fourth one is doing.

Playing Chess

We did mention that one of the sisters is playing chess, so obviously she couldn't be playing it by herself, which is why the fourth sister was playing chess with the third sister as one player cannot play chess alone.

Shoes Theft

One man had two factories where a lot of beautiful shoes were produced. He soon noticed that a lot of people were stealing shoes for their girlfriends and wives. He then took a successful step to stop this theft. What was it?

2 Factories

The key over here is realizing that the guy had two factories. This is exactly why he got really clever and started producing left sided shoes in one factory and right-sided shoes in the other, to limit the pairs from being stolen.

Cat and Mouse

The cat is in the room or basement when it rains. When the cat is in the room, the cheese is in the fridge and mouse is in the burrow. The mouse is in the room when the cheese is on the table and cat in the basement. Where are both of them when it's raining and cheese is on the table?


The cat is in the basement and the mouse is in the room. This wasn't really a hard riddle to answer as you just have to compare all the situations and rid out all of the answers that you feel are not true.


A professor once gave a student a femur in paper and asked how many femurs she had? The student said five and the professor disagreed, saying that she only had two. The professor was right, how could this be?


The student herself had one femur in her hand and the other in her body, because she was pregnant. Life for her wasn't really that easy and the professor was only making it difficult by asking tough questions to her.


A land once had an autocratic rule, who didn't want aliens. So, what he did was to make a rule that said "If the alien tells the truth, he will be shot. And if he tells lies, he will be hung." What should the aliens do?


The alien could be smart about the punishment and could say the sentence, 'I am sentenced to be hanged.' This would save all the aliens on both counts as they wouldn't be able to be sentenced or either hung.

Fill in the Blank

By the looks of it, this looks like a rather easier riddle, as you don't have to do much thinking, but the answer here lies in a very intricate web. Maya is supposed to be the daughter of Father, but what's the relationship here?


The question above isn't as difficult as it looks, as the answer to it lies in being clever and filling the blank in the most sensible manner. The answer to the blank is 'Robert is the name of Maya's father.' Easy, right?

Connect the Dots

Here we would like to put in some math and geometry into the riddles. You are required to connect these dots, but without making four lines for a square. You can just connect these dots by making three lines.


The answer to connecting this shape lies in making a triangle that passes through all the dots and gets the job done within three lines. There is no need for getting more lines made to connect the dots here.

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