15 Tips To Becoming a Better and Safer Driver

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 16, 2018

Anyone can learn to drive a car. But the key is to master the craft of driving safely, without damaging lives or property. Practice isn't something you keep on doing until you get something right, but it is something you keep doing until you no longer get it wrong. That the frame work of a good and accomplished driver. These 15 tips will lurch you closer toward perfection.

Take a driving course

Before you could become an expert, it is extremely important to learn the basics. These elementary how-tos can best be acquired by going through a driving course. A professional will tell you all the do's and don'ts.

It is important to park at the right space

Driving isn't just about moving your car with smack dab precision, but it also involves parking your car at the right space. You should learn a few tricks of the trade, especially when it come sto parking at tight spots.

The positioning is important

It is extremely important for you to place your hands properly on the wheel. The best way taught by driving instructors is that you should keep the hands firmly parked at the 10 and 2 positions on the clock.

Covering the blind spots

We do not have eyes at the left, right and the rear of the car. It is therefore important for the mirrors to become our eyes and cover those blind spots. This illustration should help you to cover the basics.

Don't drive when you're fatigued

Driving requires extreme focus and precision, especially during rush hours or if you're from a country in which drivers frequently break traffic rules. During these times you cannot afford to become lethargic because it could result in accidents.

Do not speed to your destination

Think of speeding as your one way ticket to the morgue. You can never really anticipate what just might be lurking in the corner of the road, it could be a monster truck just waiting to ambush you while you least expect it.

Lane merging is important

It is important to be able to learn the art of lane merging. Most people adopt a very aggressive attitude toward lane merging this results in accidents, road rage and traffic altercations. This can actually cause traffic clutter.

Traversing through the elements

Not all road conditions are ideal for your current driving patterns. This includes steering through some heavy rain, traversing through endless blankets of snow and trying to navigate through heavy fog in the distance. It is important to be extremely focused.

Getting distracted during driving

There are far too many distractions which can literally drive a person off course and lead them to a destructive accident. Some of these distractions include texting, receiving phone calls and making conversation with your fellow passengers.

Not practicing enough

Everything, even the most menial of tasks require practice for us to be able to perform them with precision. Driving is one of those skills which requires an endless amount of practice. It does have a slightly deep learning curve.

Learning where danger comes from

You need to familiarize yourself with the roads more often. If the road is slippery, do not speed through because braking is going to be harder. If you are maneuvering through corners, watch out for any incoming cars.

Inspect the horizon

Driving through traffic is like scouting a battlefield. You want to learn how many 'opponents' or drivers you have in front of you so you could plan your course just right. It is deal to watch out for at last 4 or 5 cars.

Braking system

There are two types of braking systems, ABS and non ABS. It is important to learn the minute details of both these mechanisms, especially if your car comes equipped with an anti-lock braking system. It always helps to learn more.

Drifting with finesse

Of course you should only drift when it is absolutely important. Drifting can take a toll on your wheels especially when you don't know what you're doing. There are two kinds of cars, rear wheeled drive and front wheeled drive. Learn which one is yours!

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