15 Reasons You Should Try Dating a Teacher

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | October 14, 2017

I've never actually dated a teacher, but there is no reason why you shouldn't try - if given the opportunity. There are of course many pros and cons of dating a teacher. Some people might see more negatives in doing this, while others may only see joy. I might do an article in the future where I list the negatives, but for now, I'm going to list the 15 most important reasons why you should try dating a teacher. Just remember one thing - do not be underage while doing this!

A Teacher Posses All the Attributes You Want

Teachers are people that are skilled and good at many different areas of life - they are usually passionate, ambitious, caring, dedicated, loving and most important of all - they are punctual. And they probably own a lot of books too.

Teachers Are Ready For Any Situation

Teachers are fearless people, and they are ready for any situation that life throws at them. Plus they are going to be more mature than you, and will thus be able to lead you in life, and you will be able to learn many new things from them.

They Love Gifts

Many teachers are used to only receiving cupcakes and hand-painted rocks as gifts. If you buy them flowers or some chocolate, you'll amaze them a lot - being with children all the time, teachers rarely experience adult-type gifts.

Saturday Mornings Will be Great

Since teachers only work from Monday to Friday, once Saturday morning comes, you'll have the entire day for the two of you. You'll be able to sleep in, watch Netflix and drink coffee anytime you want. Just remember to end it by Sunday night!

They Are Good With Money

Being a teacher is not a high-paying job, so over the years many of them have learned to be thrifty and good with money. This will be of extreme benefit to you, and your budget - dating a teacher is one of the best investments you can make.

They Have to Be Creative

Even if a person is not that creative, become a teacher forces you to. For some of the exercises they do with the schoolchildren, they, for example, have to make 100 objects out of toilet paper. Can you do this? I most certainly cannot!

They Appreciate Gourmet Food

A lot of the food teachers see at schools, feature smiley faces or is a square pizza. This means that if you can cook ANYTHING in a semi-serious fashion, the teacher you are dating is going to love it, and quite possibly consider it gourmet!

It Is Like Dating a Superhero

Teachers have to manage hundreds of students in a given year, and they have to learn to live with a low-annual salary. This makes them a superhero in finding out ways to balance life, and make everyone happy - they will truly change your life.

They Are Extremely Patient

I sure do like patient people that are not prone to conflicts. The good thing is that teachers are one of that type of people - they are used to being patient, and waiting for their students to learn, do their homework and other school-related activities.

They Have Mind-Blowing Stories

Teachers see a lot of stuff during their days at work - from weird children to angry parents, everything happens around them. If you get them in a talkative mood, be prepared to hear some truly mind-blowing stories that will leave your jaw dropped.

You Will Feel Famous

Teachers are pretty well known in their local communities. So, if you ever go to the grocery store with them, be prepared to feel famous, as many people will know and greet them while walking between the isles. It sounds like a nice feeling.

Summer Vacations are a Blast

Some teachers could get over 1-2 months of vacation time during the summer. Be prepared to do some inspiring, and long travels, as they do have the time. Just make sure you'll be available for them - which can be hard to do unless you are also a teacher.

They Are Very Talkative

If you're shy or just not into talking, you'll love being with a teacher. They spent the bigger part of their day talking, so you'll have some pretty easy flowing conversations with them. Just remember to be a good listener, and you'll be all set.

They Always Keep a Pen Ready

Not sure if this is such a good thing - what if they get angry at you? Anyway, dating a teacher makes it so that you will always have a partner with you that carries a pen. An excellent choice if you ever get stuck in some bureaucratic hell-hole.

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