Symptoms of Dangerous Diseases Ignored By Many Women

Science | By Cole Damon | March 15, 2018

Women like their male counterparts are more susceptible to falling ill if they ignore some rpetty evident signs that they are about to undergo a radical disease if they don't pay attention to several clear signs that their body is under increased tensions and stress. Should they continue to ignore these signs, it won't end prettily for either one in any case.

Increased urination:

While many women can think that this might just be because of their overdrinking or maybe a problem of their urinatory glands having trouble dissolving the glucose in their blood. It can mean hormonal imbalance within the body which can lead to serious repercussions.

Losing weight:

Now most women must be ready to throw their hands up in the air and begin a mid season party because of this, we're sorry to spoilt he party. There isn't anything hat they should be too happy about as this can be the result of some increased physical problems that can be devastating.

Hair growth:

If losing weigh unexpectedly is a joy for women, then having hair grow on places where they should be no hair is nothing less than devastation. This is because of the tumultuous nature of women. It can be the sign of chemical imbalance in the body.

Blood after menopause:

Blood after menopause is a sign that all is not well in life and that they should be more careful about how they move forward in life. This is one of the clearest signs that life is all not that well and that you should be more careful about a potential cancer.

Mammary expansion:

This is supposedly an old myth within women that if a witch puts a curse on you, one of your breats will grow larger than the other. While this may not be the result of curse put on you by a witch, it can be one of the first signs of breast cancer. So be careful and be vigilant.

Atypical excretion:

It's not just the result of a bad food choice last night. It's something a lot larger, excuse the pun. While many women like to ignore a problem like this as being the result of a one time off kind of may signal something much larger and much more sinister.

Heavy periods:

The explanation for this might be two fold. The reason for that is the fact that life is both funny and sarcastic. It might end up being nothing more than something hereditary in which case nothing to worry about...if not then consult a doctor because cancer might be the other possibility.


Fatigue might come so normally to some women that it may be a regular part and parcel of their life due to some lifestyle choices or maybe even their professional requirements. However, women tend to ignore the fact that it might also be because of their lack of proper healthcare attention.

Rectal bleeding:

It is both embarrassing and highly indicative of a much larger problem that might be lying in wait without you even realizing. The reason for this can be a lot of things which is why it would be better advised if yu could consult a doctor.

Abdominal bloating/pain:

While there is a possibility that this is nothing more than just some random pain you might be feeling because of stress or an abnormal eating routine, there is some danger attached to it. It might mean that there's a Diverticulitis infection looming.

Chest pain:

Chest diseases are the number # 1 avoidable reason of death of women. The reason is that so many of them choose to ignore or simply let ago of any such indications. Such a pain might be an indication of coronary artery disease.

Heart palpitation:

Heart palpitations are the number one reason why some women choose to lead a healthier and more dynamic lifestyle along the line after a certain age. While the prevention is good, it might be better to consult a good doctor in any case.

Mole's appearance changes:

This may not be as small of deal as you may be wondering. The reason for that is because you ought to understand the changes in your skin are not merely spontaneous, they are alsoa a rendition of how much your body might be reacting to your inhibitions.

Leg swelling:

Swelling of the leg is something that many women consider to be the result of a bug bite or maybe even a consequence of ideas clashing that shouldn't be clashing in the first place. Other than that, chronic pains in the joints maybe an indication of arthritis.

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