15 Behind The Scenes Images of Actors That Will Change What You See Their Movies

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | October 14, 2017

Here is a list of iconic movie scenes that I've collected over the years. These are not regular movie scenes mind you - these are behind-the-scenes pictures of actors doing stuff, that you might not have been accustomed to seeing. I'm not saying anything positive or negative - as most images are not divisive. It is just that seeing how a movie is made behind the scenes offers you a dramatically different picture than just seeing the edited copy of the movie.

Princess Leia Gives Luke a Beer

Princess Leia is all about purity and honor in the Star Wars saga - seeing the movie back in the 70s would never make you think that she could be sharing a cold one with her co-actors, but here she is smiling, and having a beer in her hand.

Aliens Aren't Scary

Here Is an actor from the "Alien" movies franchise, posing for a few quick photos with the Alien mask, and even wearing the costume in a few photos himself. Notice the blank expression on the actor's face - it looks like the aliens are not as scary in real life.

Sharks Don't Bite

This is a photo of Steven Spielberg when he was younger (and fitter), posing in the jaws (pun intended) of one of his movie-set sharks. It is funny how scary the scenes in the "Jaws" movie were, yet they seem so funny now that you see them for the plastic today's that they are.

The Star Wars Opening Scene is Just a Scrolling Piece of Paper

Here we have an ultra-rare behind the scenes snap of how they filmed the iconic Star Wars opening credits scene - the one where the text is scrolling by in the galaxy. It's basically just a scrolling piece of A3 paper (or a bit larger than that).

The Real Hulk

This is the popular actor Mark Ruffalo, doing one of the Hulk scenes. He is not Bruce Banner in this scene - he is supposed to be the "Hulk," but as you can see, that big green guy is just a 3D animation sitting on a few supercomputers in a movie studio.

Freddy Chilling With His Victims

You might remember the evil, scary Freddy Kruger from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie. Well, here he is having fun with some of the people he is supposed to "kill" later that day. It Is kind of funny to see them this way.

Bellatrix from Harry Potter Checking her Email

Here we have Bellatrix Lestrange, using a MacBook to check her email, while on set for one of the Harry Potter movies. Just because you can do magic, doesn't mean you can use a wand and check your email - you have to get on your Mac to do so!

Inception Hi-Tech Movie Studio

This is a behind the scenes photo from the Inception movie set. That's Leonardo DiCaprio with a fellow co-actor, walking down from a 45-degree incline platform. This was taken from one of the scenes where they walk between skyscrapers.

The Mr. Fox House

This photo features actor Bill Murray, peeking inside the house of "Mr. Fox." I haven't seen this movie before seeing this photo, so I'm not entirely sure what it is about, but I do get the point of this photo - things that seem large in movies, are actually just toys in real life.

Gandalf Fearing the Rain

Gandalf was actually my favorite character in the Lord of the Rings movies. In this set, he is still "Gandalf The White" (he later transcended into "Gandalf the White"), but it is raining, so he has to use an umbrella, just as the rest of us mortals do.

The Hobbits in a Helicopter

Here are Frodo and his friends, taking a ride in a movie-set rented helicopter. What? Couldn't they just get on a horse and travel Middle Earth? Strange, I don't remember seeing helicopters and airplanes during the movies, must have missed them.

Leonardo in a Pool Session

This photo features a younger and healthier Leonardo DiCaprio, taking some lessons from the producer who is wearing a diving suit. There are also actors behind them, wearing white safety vests, which if you watched the movie - you would never have noticed them.

Yoda Being Carried Away

The Yoda character from the Star Wars movies was created in such a distant time, that they couldn't even 3D animate him - they had to use a guy, who then stuffed his arm in a Yoda puppet. Yeah, I know that was a weird way of explaining this scene, but it was funny!

Monty Python Soccer

Monty Python was a real blast back in the 70's. They still probably are one of the best-made British comedies. One of their first movies featured King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - but you couldn't see them like this - playing soccer while on set.

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