15 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight When You Try Hard

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 14, 2018

Losing weigh remains an obsession for some people. The reason for that is the fact that there are health concerns, societal concerns and in many cases, self-confidence concerns that people want to eradicate by moving towards a leaner and meaner physique. However, the most frustrating thing in their pursuit of such a requiem can be when efforts do not yield the results they want.

Overeat healthy foods:

Why this may seem like an oxymoron to some people but this is a phenomenon that has been observed for the past couple of years that it is entirely possible to have trouble in losing weigh due to the fact that you may be ingesting too many calories too healthy foods.

Microwaved meals:

It is entirely possible to be addicted to that dreadful scent of mixrowaved food. While it may be a practical solution for people who do not have much more to live. However, it may also be the reality of life that if you get too addicted then you cant lose weight.

Lack of sleep:

If you're not getting enough sleep, you're gonna have some major trouble in getting yourself in a better shape. The reason or that is the weird way in which some fo the body can react due to the fact that there is a strange sleep pattern which is being observed.

Not eating enough:

There's long been the myth that if you don't eat much, you're eventually going to see a significant reduction in your weigh. That couldn't be further from the truth as it is widely known that students who have been in such states get obese more.


While it is possible to develop a natural and all important dietary routine, it takes nothing more than one slips up to undo years of work and patience. Similar things can happen on miniscular scale as it will lead to a significant reduction in your plans.

Too strict:

While it's advised not to let yourself slip, the best option to do that is not by ignoring foods altogether but allowing yourself a regular go at things like being able to control yourself. That is the truth of all things, so let yourself enjoy and have a real whiff of the good life.

Not enough hydration:

Not enough hydration is a major cause for how people can find themselves unable to meet the needs of their body weight reduction expectations. Keeping yourself hydrated in almost all cases is the best bet to ensure that you'll be shedding those extra pounds.

Diet drinks:

These are myths. As one popular study from Yale found out that you are more likely to crave for sweet and sugary treats after you've had one of these artificial sweeteners. This is something that most experts advise people to reject altogether.

Lack of motivation:

Like a lot of life's problems, a major reason why people find it hard to shed those extra pound sis because they lack a clear vision and a clear purpose in life. This is when you should set a clear objective for yourself. Without this, nothing will work.

A strict routine:

This is a common lie that has been spread throughout the community. It is commonly believed that if you strict to that age old concept of only ingesting three meals a day you will end up having those necessary reductions in calories that will make you lose that extra weigh.\

Empty carbs:

This is probably one of the most frustrating reasons why anyone would be subjected to having their lack of results even after observing a routine that favors them staying on course their routine. However, they will note a sizeable reduction in their capabilities.

Lack of focus:

Sometimes, all is not what it seems. People believe that all kind of milk is same in categories which is simply not the case however, it can be noted that people don't like paying attention to their foods and focus instead on the item itself.

The 2,000 calories myth:

This is something that frustrates almost everyone in charge. While 2,000 calories is the recommended calories in take that most people should stick to, some people have their own needs that are never considered. However, it is something they should consult doctors for.

No relaxation:

Stress may just be your biggest foe in finding yourself in healthier situation. This is because you're always deliberating on how good your diet is going, whether you're getting the results you want. Whether you're suitable enough for the diet plan.


Working out is good. Procrastinating about working out is probably never going to work out since you're only thinking and never actually doing what you ought to. This attitude must go away and you must devote all your energies to one task.

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