Innocent Hygienic Habits That May Actually Ruin Your Health

Science | By Cole Damon | March 14, 2018

There are many habits we follow on a routine basis and think of them as innocent and hygienic, but they really aren't. These innocent habits keep us under the delusion that we are following a healthy lifestyle, while in all actuality we aren't really adhering to it. Here we look at a few such habits, along with other habits that you can adopt in your life.

Soaking Dishes in Sink

Soaking dishes in a sink is the single unhealthiest habit that you can partake in. This habit really is not healthy for you and would leave you prone to a lot of bacteria and other particles that are found floating inside the sink.

Washing Hands

Washing hands with hot water has been believed to kill bacteria more than cold water, but this has been proven wrong by science. The better way to go about things is use cold water, because hot water can damage your skin pores.

Working out with makeup

Sometimes we put on makeup and rush to the gym with it on, not realizing that the makeup during workout can damage your skin. The skin needs to clean itself and the presence of make up on it would clog the pores.

Drying Hands

All of us think that we are being hygienic by using electric dryers, but this perception is more often than not wrong. Electric dryers can blow hot air into your mouth and lungs, which can prove really detrimental for you going into the future.

Using Food Bag

Any food bag used more than once may look safe to us, but it has a lot of germs and bacteria on it. The bacteria from what you previously purchased would still be there. The right way to go about things is to use a washable bag.

Cutting Meat and Vegetables

We really do think that cutting meat and vegetables on the same board isn't really harmful, but in all actuality, it is very harmful. The vegetables could attract the bacteria from the meat and may become harmful themselves.

Office Coffee Machines

Office Coffee Machines are not the safest option while drinking coffee at work. These machines have been used by a plethora of people and have germs scattered all around them. A better option would be to make your own coffee.

Keeping Phone

Most women think that there purse is a nice place to keep your phone, but this isn't true. It is better to put your phone in a case and in your pockets. Your phone may be really dirty and may contaminate other stuff in your purse as well.

Cleaning Winter Clothes

We often neglect cleaning our winter clothes when it comes to spring. They are just thrown away and then used again when winter arrives. The best way is to keep washing them every 2-3 weeks within winters as well.

Defrosting Food at Room Temperature

Defrosting food at room temperature is something that all of us do on a regular basis. But, this activity really is unhealthy. It is better to leave them to defrost within the fridge, since they would accumulate germs otherwise.

Exchanging Good Bacteria

We may not really be open to the thought of sharing foods with loved ones and friends, but scientists say this is the best way to exchange good bacteria from within each other's body. So, share your food more.

Bonus: 3 Healthy Habits You Can Adopt

In addition to what we mentioned, we would also like to list down three other habits that you can adopt to form healthy living. Incorporating these habits in your daily living would be of great benefit to you.

Eat Breakfast

Everyone you meet on a daily basis may have certain routines when it comes to breakfast. But, you may or may not have noticed that those who eat breakfast daily are way healthier than those who don't. Here, you have your answer.

Sleep Well

We understand that there comes a time in every person's life when you have no more time for sleeping and want to do things all the time. But, sleeping should not be compromised upon. Shutting your eyes for 8 hours every day is necessary.

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