Here's a Solid 9-Minute Workout To Flatten Your Belly

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 14, 2018

Every man and woman wants to be in possession of the perfect body but they are all of the opinion that it requires a ton of hard work and effort. But in this article, we will show you that taking out only nine minutes out of your valuable time can help you achieve that perfect body without going through the daily grind. The best part is that they are incredibly easy to perform.

Doing crunches

You would be forgiven to state that crunches burn belly fat faster than the speed of light. They require some effort but pay a ton at the end of the workout. What's important is that you start doing it now.

Twist crunches

This is a basic modification of the basic crunch to get a more robust workout routine. Repeat this 10 times to shred the fat off of your waist and gain that slender look, the boys are bound to chase after you.

Side crunch

This is very similar to the twist crunch exercise with the only difference that you will need to move your legs to the same side as your shoulders. This will also develop the muscles on your side.

Reverse crunches

One of the most useful core strengthening exercises which will not only help to get rid of the fat but also improve stability throughout the lower region of your body It is a variation of the side crunch.

Vertical Leg Crunch

You will be able to focus on the muscles of your thighs with the vertical leg crunch. Simply curl your leg vertically and keep it as straight as possible. The hands should be placed next to your hips.

Bicycle exercise

Despite its name, you don't really need a bicycle for this. The reason why its called the 'bicycle' is because you will need to move your legs as if you were pedaling on a bike. This targets the side and ab muscles.

Lunge twist

The lunge twist is probably the easiest exercise if you want to reduce belly fat quickly. Keep the legs hip width apart while bending the knees only slightly. You can also modify the lunge twist by holding a medicine ball.

Rolling plank exercise

Although plank exercises by themselves are extremely effective at toning the entire body, when you add movement as a variation, it is able to focus more effectively on the obliques. It also increases the strength of your shoulders.

The stomach vacuum

A very simple technique which can reduce your fat in as little as 3 weeks if one right. It works best when combined with the regular abdominal training exercise. You simply expand your chest and bring your stomach in.

The captain's chair

The reason why it is easier to perform is because the chair supports your back, making it easier to perform for most people. The American Council on Exercise declared it to be the most effective ab exercise ever.

Keep a balanced nutrition

It is true that working out begins at the kitchen instead of at the gym. What you eat and how you eat determines whether your workout routine is going to help shape your body and burn the fat.


It is the easiest exercise to perform. Walking. It is one of the best ways to burn away belly fat but most people don't walk enough in their life. Others don't believe in the effectiveness of the strategy.


If walking is an effective means of burning belly fat, think of what running would do. It requires some extra hard work but will keep your heart rate up, burn those extra calories and keep your body in shape.


It is better to commute to work by using a cycle to burn your belly fat. Not only will it help you get in shape but also preserve the environment because you won't be depending on cars which burn fossil fuels.

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