Wives Should Leave Their Husbands If They Do These Awful Things In Marriage

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | October 14, 2017

As adults, we can all say we've been in some great relationships and some bad ones. Which is perfectly fine being that the bad lets you know when the good is worthy of praise and who to truly appreciate during your life's journey. For those of you who've stepped it up a notch, officially gotten hitched, and are on the winding road to happiness you've obviously made the right decisions along the course of your relationships. Unfortunately, for some men that happen to be married, they struggle with doing right by their significant others and that's what we're here for today. Check out these fifteen awful husband habits that every man should eliminate from their marriage right now.

Overtly Critical

No one in any relationship wants to be judged for their every move and have to walk on eggshells in the presence of their significant other. When husbands become overtly critical of their spouse their wives tend to feel unappreciated which could possibly lead for them to search for that appreciation outside of the relationship. Compliments are a must in a relationship. Balance.


Think about it... Who in their right mind would want to be with someone who's a control freak? Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions and that goes for your wife as well, bud. As men, we should be protectors of our women but, we should also let them do as they please and guide them to making the right choices in order to strengthen the bond and relationship.


This just shouldn't fly in a marriage whatsoever. Husbands should never objectify their significant others and treat them as if they don't have feelings, express themselves, or have input in their relationship. It's purely disrespectful and has no place in a relationship of this magnitude.

The Wrong Gift

Believe it or not, it's possible to get your significant other the wrong gift. You should never gift your wife a pot and pan set or a vacuum for their birthday, anniversary, or any occasion to be exact unless requested of course. Put more thought into what you decide to gift your wife in order to maintain her happiness.

Doesn't Give You The Time Of Day

This really is a no-brainer in our book. Sometimes, as men, we get extremely comfortable in our relationships and tend to neglect within the midst of living our everyday lives. We urge married men to make their spouses a priority and make their wives feel wanted every single day.

The 'C' Word

Looks like we have yet another no-brainer on our hands, boys... Obviously, you should never, ever, ever, EVER call any woman the 'c' word, especially your wife. Matter of fact, calling your wife out of her name should not be an option period and for obvious reasons at that. We all should know this.

Porn Addict

As men, we understand that you have physical needs that your wives can't handle all the time so, every once in awhile you might hit your favorite sub-category on PornHub and crank one out. Totally understandable... But when porn becomes such an adamant part of your life that it affects providing for your spouse's needs it might be time to turn off the computer and get back to business with your wife.


Everyone has expectations for the people in their lives as husbands do their wives as well but, never set those expectations too high or too low. You really don't want to crush your significant other's feelings or chip at their self-esteem. As men should be benevolent kings and remain flexible and supportive of their wives at all time.

The Word Fat

If you haven't learned anything from us at all, please, know this... Never use the word fat in the same sentence with anything referencing your spouse. Trust us, not only do you not want to inflict damage onto her self-esteem but, you also want your wife to know she's beautiful in every facet of the word.

Her Period

At times women can appear to be moody or feel sensitive but, that gives you no reason to say anything stupid like 'it must be your time of the month'. Please don't use the female anatomy as an excuse for what might seem like her erratic behavior. As men, we have to be more communicative and supportive of our women, even if they don't seem like their normal selves.

Looking At Other Women

Captain Obvious is here for yet another edition of what not to do as a married man. Really, try and refrain from drooling over the next woman in front of your wife or even behind her back. This can cause insecurities to flare in a woman, we recommend staying away from this behavior and uplifting your significant other in any way possible.

Mama's Boy

We understand that a lot of men share special relationships with their mother but, when it comes to marriage you should never compare, put your mother ahead, or involve your mother in every decision you make with your spouse. It's time to let go and give the woman you married all the necessary attention she needs in order for her to feel like she's not in competition with her mother-in-law.

The Ex

This should also be another dead giveaway fellas, please don't constantly bring up your ex. Matter of fact, don't bring up your ex at all. You're in a committed relationship with someone you've chosen to be with forever and should leave the past in the past. Plus, talking about your ex to any woman is a major turn off.

Temper Control

If you're constantly losing your temper with the person you've made a lifelong commitment to, you should honestly check yourself. There should be no reason for you to lash out at your wife no matter the circumstances. Exercise self-control and avoid being abusive at all cost.


Well, this is obviously a huge no-no. The wedding band is a sacred and the act of taking vows to a person you claim to remain committed to shouldn't result in a man blatantly cheat on his spouse in any form or fashion. Unfortunately, it does happen sometimes but, let it be known, it's clearly an act of disrespect and extremely damaging in a relationship.



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