15 Things Women Find Extremely Attractive In A Man

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 13, 2017

When it comes to attractiveness in men, there are so many factors besides just general good looks that can make a man a total hottie. Women feel like its simple enough for a guy to elevate his natural handsomeness with a few tips and tricks turn into a mega babe. From clothes, to the way he carries himself, to a good old haircut. Here is some of the sexiest qualities in a man according to women.

Facial Hair

Studies have shown that a man with facial hair was found more attractive than that same man without facial hair. And it didn't have to be something particularly intricate to perk a woman's attention. A long scruff that is maintained with minimal effort is all you need to get a ladies motor running.

A Strong Jawline

It is not a mystery that people with good bone structure are sought after my photographers to be models because of how the light bounces off of someones features. So a man with a strong jawline is just photographically more attractive and the eye does not deceive.

The Color Red

Studies show that men are more attractive to women when they wear the color red. The color stimulates a primal instinct in people that make that person appear more dominant and causes women to feel aroused by the sight of the color in these situations.

A Deep Voice

Men who exhibit a deeper more guttural sounding voice have been proven to be more attractive to women. The pitch resonates in a woman's mind in a very specific way and after meeting a man with a deep voice a woman will find him more memorable.

The Eyes

There is a very specific part of the eye that a woman finds very attractive in a man without realizing exactly what it is. This part is the limball ring- the dark circle surrounding the iris- where the darker this ring is the more attractive a woman will find this man.


The height of a man can benefit them in many areas of his life. Not only are tall men known to move higher up in job positions quicker, but they are first to be selected by women when asked who they would choose in a mate in a group of different looking men.

A Muscular Body

Muscular definition in men is a primal sign to a woman that they would be a good protector and provider. Men have a natural increased muscle tone and when this is strong in a mans physique, a woman naturally is drawn to these types of features.


A man who embraces his humorous side and can make a girl laugh is known to be the most desired quality in a mate. Women find that a man who can make her genuinely laugh is more attractive than any other physical attributes.

A Nice Smile

A man who smiles often and in a grand way, by letting his teeth show, and throwing his head back, symbolizing a happy and carefree persona, is a man who a woman will find more attractive than one who is not smiling at all, or who is holding back his joy.


We all think that kindness is a good quality in any human, but kindness in a man is truly a sexy thing according to most women who list their top qualities in a man. Embracing your kindness and spreading it to others isn't only good for the world, it is good for your sex life.

Good Teeth

You want to add hotness points to your image instantly, take care of your teeth. If they are yellowing from smoking, get a simple whitening kit, if you are embarrassed because your teeth are crooked, invest in an invisalign. The next time you confidently smile at a woman she will be weak in the knees.


Women love a man who is compassionate towards something in life. Whether you volunteer at an animal shelter, you babysit your nieces, or you donate to a good cause. Being a compassionate man makes a woman feel like she has won the lottery with you.

Well Traveled

Having stories to share with someone about adventures you have taken to places far and wide, not only make you a well traveled and educated man, but also gives you a sense of mystery and adventure, like being with you would be nonstop fun.

Good To Your Family

Even if maybe you don't have the best relationship with your family, you choose to be the bigger man and do what you can to be good and kind to them. A woman will see you as a man who rises to the occasion and who she would love to show some appreciating to.

A Good Cook

If you want to sweep a woman off of her feet, learn to cook. And not like, learn to make boxed mac and cheese. Learn to make a proper gourmet meal. Invite her over, give her wine and let her watch you make culinary magic. She won't want to wait until dessert to give you some sugar.

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