15 Male Traits That Prove He's Total Husband Material

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 13, 2018

Most young women are in the search of the perfect man. He should be good looking, ideally have a good source of income and more importantly, should love her with all his heart. There might be a million fish in the sea but it isn't exactly a walk in the park to find this perfect man. In this article we will outline the basic characteristics of what makes an ideal man.

He should be intelligent

While we're not exactly asking him to hold multiple PhD degrees from ivy league universities (although that would be a plus), he shouldn't exactly be a moron either. Far too many men are mentally impaired and lack common sense.

They should be in shape

What is the first thing a woman sees in a man? His outer appearance instead of his inner appearance. Truth be told, what's on the inside inadvertently shows up on the outside. So if he's cute, it helps.

Should contribute to a discussion

Bantering is the key to human warmth, as the saying goes. And if he doesn't have a grip over organic conversations, he isn't going to be easy to hang around. The ideal man should have a good sense of humor.

He isn't afraid to show his fears

Most men are of the opinion (thanks to their upbringing) that men are stoic, emotionless robots and are better off not having anything in the way of emotions, and this includes their fears. But men are also afraid of spiders.

Supports you whenever there is a need for it

When a man offers his help during the time of need, that is when he shows his worth. Some selfish men however only extend their 'help' when you don't need it. It is important to distinguish between the two.

He values your work

Some men have an egoistic behavior toward the professional life of their wives. A real man doesn't have such a fragile masculinity that it feels threatened at the prospects of a woman having a full time job.

He tries to help around

The fact that he offers to help with the chores around the house AND upgrading equipment which already exists in the kitchen speaks volumes about not only his commitment but also his common sense. They are virtually nonexistent.

Better to move in when the time is right

When you're young and still struggling to learn the ropes of life, it is better to traverse the rough water alone instead of just dragging around dead weight. Grow up, mature and then ask him or her to move in.

He is friendly with the kids

He is friendly with the kids because he too was once a child. Now that he has become a strong, independent man, he doesn't let it get to his head and retains his humbleness. He sometimes shares his personal stories growing up as a kid.

He is committed

A man who isn't committed will quickly get bored and hop from one woman to the next. It is important you realize his true intentions early on instead of investing yourself emotionally into this man and wasting time.

He listens to you

The urban joke that men quickly get bored of their women rings true in most real life scenarios when men aren't attracted to their women. But if he lends a hearing ear to you, then it means he loves you.

Shows his respect to you

Respect is a two way street. It only works if you give and take. He respects you a lot and goes out of his way to ensure that you're not disrespected in any way, shape or form. This is because you are the world to him.

He never shows his anger

While it is true that the two of you will enter into harsh verbal exchanges, but it is never enough to truly anger him. This man knows that there is a fine line between showing your disagreement versus displaying full fledged anger.

He buys you gifts

He might not have a lot of money, but he certainly knows what stuff to buy so you remain happy. He meticulously learns and adapts to your tastes and desires so he could purchase gifts for you.

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