15 Riddles That Can Boost Your Thinking Skills

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 12, 2018

The human mind is a complex machine and loves to handle a challenge. We are unable to thrive in an unstimulating environment and if we don't have any problems in our life, we would invent one and 'flex' our creative skills, utilize all the neurons in our brain to solve the problem. That is human nature. If you believe you don't already have enough problems in your life anymore, the following riddles will make your life difficult.

Which glass has more water?

It isn't as simple as the size of the object. All of the parameters of the object should be taken into account for you to be able to understand which glass has more water. In this case, the answer is B.

Find all the things in the picture

This problem is related to your cognitive skills and the ability to put two and two together. If you can find all the problems states in the picture in a minute, you might just be the most intelligent man on earth.

Which figure can take the place of the question mark?

This one has got to be more challenging because it requires you to 'imagine' in your head which figure can be superimposed on to the question mark and fit perfectly. This is no easy task unless you have expertise.

Find the cross

Can you find a perfectly symmetrical cross in this picture? One which measure with the perfect parameters from all sides? One which has equal lengths in all directions? It might just require the use of a ruler.

Which spiral is made of two separate parts?

One of the spirals in this picture is composed of two separate parts. It would require the use of some extreme level of magnification to enhance the picture and be able to scrutinize it. Pry deeper to discover the answer.

Find the four pointed star

It might seem difficult to be able to find something in the midst of so many similar figures but if you look hard enough, the answer is right there in front of you. Let us know in the comments.

Four hearts joined together

This entire picture is composed of several heart shaped figures scattered around randomly. But are they really that random? Four hearts are stitched together. Find them and let us know the answer in the comments to enlighten others.

The direction of the bus

Because of the symmetrical shape of this bus, it is incredibly difficult to gauge which direction it is moving in. Is it moving in the left direction or the right direction? If only we knew where the steering wheel was located.

The number of tea cups

This one requires the use of mathematics and image modeling software. If Teapot A can store 32 cups of tea in its shape, how many cups of tea can Teapot B support? It is greater than 32, but how greater?

Four fingers and a thumb

It has four fingers, it has one thumb. Yet it is not a living being. It does not breathe but it is used worldwide by people. It has all the makings of anthropomorphic designs on it, yet it doesn't live.

Answer: Glove.

What am I?

It contains keys but no locks (caps lock doesn't count!). It has 'space' but no room. You can't stay in there can you? It contains the enter button but doesn't have an outside button. The answer is keyboard.

The most obvious answer

Every single entity in this universe has this characteristic. It only exists in the presence of light, yet when light is directly shone on it, it ceases to exist, the answer most definitely has to be SHADOW.

An oxymoron

This has got to be the biggest oxymoron and it might seem that it doesn't exist, but it does. A towel is something which dries but gets wet in the process. It exchanges all its dryness for your wetness.

Ever man's worst nightmare

The answer has to be an alarm clock. We time it so we wake up on time and don't miss important appointments, yet the reality is that when it does begin to ring, we stop it dead in its tracks.

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