15 Terrible Mistakes That Men Make That Make Girlfriends Leave Them

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 13, 2017

Finding true love is a nigh impossible task and when you finally do find the perfect woman, it can become even more difficult to hold on to her. Because while you may feel that she is perfectly compatible with you, she might not harbor the same feelings. Avoiding pitfalls in such a relationship can be an arduous task, especially when you have literally no clue what's going on in her mind. Here are 15 such pitfalls you should avoid

Do not show cowardice

Most women do not appreciate a coward. Learn to face your problems head on without fearing them, because if waver, the persona of you being a powerful man starts to crumble and the attraction no longer exists.

Never show aggression

This is extremely true for relationships which are still in their early stages because your partner is still learning to trust you. If you show your aggressive side to them during this stage it will frighten your partner and force them to reevaluate you under a new light.

Showing incompetence

It doesn't matter if you're a rich man or someone who's barely making ends meet, incompetence is something which doesn't suit neither of these two people. Your partner counts on your competence to ensure that any future offspring can grow in a healthy and safe environment.

Do not lie to her

This is especially true when you know your lie is full of loopholes. Mistrust sows the seed of hatred and separation in any relationship and must be avoided if you want your companion to continue loving you.

Don't become overly obsessive

Stop texting and emailing her incessantly. If you were to show too much obsession early on, she will begin to think you are some sort of a psychopath who might just end up wearing her skin. Because that's what obsession does to people.

Don't be overly jealous

While a slight bit of jealousy can actually help foster strong relationships - because she appreciates the fact that you care enough about her - if you become too jealous and start doubting her whenever she talks to strangers, she will eventually become wary of you.

You've got a round body

Body shaming is a bad thing. We know it, the world knows it. But deep down, having a round and obese body can slowly turn her against you. She will get bored of you and move on. So hit the gym now and get in shape if you aren't already.

Show her respect

Your partner isn't just an object which is used for your sexual gratification, she is a person who demands respect from you. Making generic statements such as "I respect you" do not work, instead try complementing her on specific characteristics which you respect about her.

Not being manly enough

You are a man. She is a woman. The norms dictate that you should show manliness to her instead of salivating at her every time she shows up. She will eventually become tired and bored of your obsession.

Not being the 'alpha male'

This is not a sexist statement, women actually seek strong men who aren't afraid to face the world and protect them when it really counts. So when you're around your colleagues and your girlfriend just happens to be passing by, try not to become the brunt of their jokes - you don't want to look weak.

Not giving her enough attention

Women thrive on attention and want to know that you really love her. Try not to spend too much time away from her if you're caught up with your job duties. Because she will start becoming restless and move on. At least inform her over a text message if you're caught up in assignments.

Knowing when she wants your help

In their attempts to appear dominant and independent, women sometimes take offence whenever you help her with trivial things such as holding the car door open for her. But then again, if she's really caught up in a serious situation - don't be afraid to help her out. Learn to tread the fine line between helping her and making her feel incompetent.

Not sexually satisfying her

At the core of every relationship is sexual gratification. If you're unable to satisfy her body's needs she will start getting bored of you. Remember that love isn't the only thing holding a relationship together. If you won't satisfy her, someone else will.

Not complimenting her often

Both men and women appreciate compliments, especially ones that they know are not generic. Statement such as, "good job honey" or "you're the best" won't really make them feel appreciated unless you craft customized messages for them such as, "I love your brown wavy hair."

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