15 Obvious Things Guy Don't Realize About Girls

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | October 13, 2017

I don't think 15 things is going to be enough here, to be honest. There are so many things guys don't realize about girls, that whole books can be written - and they probably are, although I'm not sure if reading a 300-page book would be a good investment of your time. I've compiled this list from various online sources and tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, given the limits of the text - as well as your time. Check out the info below & tell me what you think:

They Don't Owe You a Smile

This is similar to the whole idea that no one owes you anything in life. Just because you are nice to a girl, doesn't mean she'll be nice to you, or smile back. If a girl doesn't feel like smiling, then you have to accept the situation for what it is - no hard feelings involved.

Nice Guys Don't Finish Last?

You might be thinking that girls only want bad boys - and you would be correct, that's the only thing girls look, but that is not what WOMEN look for. Once a girl gets older, she wants a nice, mature guy to hang around with. Just, is it worth the wait?

Don't Talk About Your Niceness - Demonstrate It

Women don't like when a guy "explains" that he is nice, and thus the logical choice for her. They want a guy that does his own thing, and when he feels like being nice, that's when he is nice. So, do your own thing, and don't worry about making her "believe" that you're nice.

Don't Play Too Hard to Get

Girls love when a guy is hard to get - that's why they go after all the bad boys. It's just that, once a girl matures, they want someone more stable. Be unpredictable, even be hard to get - just try to strike a balance and don't go to extremes.

Effort is the Main Foundation

All girls want to see some kind of effort from you - to see that you're trying to have a fun time with her and improve your relationship. Be that guy for her, be active, and fulfill her dreams - she will love you for it, and so will you.

Even a Text Message Can Help

You don't have to plan your whole day around your girl. Even a single text message send from time to time is even to make her know that you think of her, and will warm her heart. It's also cool to sometimes take her out to the movies.

Talking About Your Mother

I admit - before researching for this article, I had no idea about this phenomena. It seems that girls listen to what and how you speak to your mother - and if you appear overly whiny or negative, they'll hold that against you.

Respecting Your Mother

It appears that this goes deeper - it is not just how you talk about your mother, but also whether you respect her, and what do you do for her. Women are taught that how a guy does these things, will showcase how he will treat them in the future.

Being a Player is A-OK

This one was known by pretty much everyone, but I should mention it in case someone has been living under a rock - being a "player" is not something negative, and girls will respect your past if you are honest about it.

Be Honest About Your Exclusivity

It is normal that when you start dating someone new, that they might still be seeing other people. When the time comes and she asks for your commitment, you better be ready for it - don't lie to her and continue to see other girls.

Don't Forget Her Sexual Side

Some nice guys try to talk so much to their girl, that they forget she has a sexual side too. Don't be afraid to escalate, and touch her in a sexual way when it appropriate. Being nice does not mean living in a sexless relationship.

Don't Be Passive Aggressive

This one goes for both sexes. If you have something on your mind, just say it out, don't fear any backslash or potential conflict. Sometimes it is better to argue and resolve a conflict, than the keep it in and become passive-aggressive.

Being "Too Nice" Doesn't Seem Genuine

Here is another nail in the coffin for "nice guys" - trying to be too nice and fit, makes you seem fake. People with personalities know when to stand for what they think, and don't necessarily agree with what everyone else says.

You Must Have Self-Respect

Girls love a guy that respects himself. Keep some time for yourself, and don't be afraid of saying "no" to her and hang out with buddies. She might be sad at first, but she'll love you and she'll be happier that she has a normal boyfriend that has a lie besides her.

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