Illustrator Creates Amazing Drawings That Describes Relationships Perfectly

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 9, 2018

Artists have both the skill and mastery to capture daily life routines in such intrinsic terms that we cannot help but admire their art and commend them for the skills they have put to good use in their pursuit of such perfection. This is something that we all have a general appreciation for. This artist takes that skill for his to a whole different alleviation that we can't help but admire.

Happy feet:

We've all undergone those chilly winter days when any source of attaining heat is a treasure in its own right and we seek to gain composure and comfort from that lone source of heat. This wife certainly knows where her source of heats lies...even if it comes at a stake.

The hot baths:

Winters are not just limited to a simple confinement of our rooms; they even follow us to our place of taking baths. It is pertinent to mention here the fact that we have a luxury of a hot bath to look forward to. Those hot baths however, are not for everyone.

That touch:

Men are supposed to be brave and face all adversity in life with bravado and composure. Any attempt to move away from this norm is considered weakness on part of the man. However, there is one set of arms where the man can go expecting nothing else than comfort and warmth.

Morning blues:

The early morning struggles to get out of bed is something we've all faced every now and then, however we learn to cope and somehow labor ahead with the tendency to offer a glimpse to the world about how much we are capable of. Until this guy's wife asks him to stay in there a while longer for that body heat of course.

The competition:

The competition that so many people feel in them is something we've learnt to not only be a comfortable part for our lives but we've learned to negate the overriding tendency of that urge with our spouses. This comes especially handy when you have a whole life that you have to live with that person.

The little tasks:

Even if you're the man of the house, you're expected to have a certain level of appreciation of what your wife is capable of. Having that in mind, it's best if you never get in her way when she's had her mind set on something. No matter how trivial you think it is.

The little lies:

Though complete and utter honesty is what constitutes a strong bond between the two people that have entered into marriage with one another. It is something that has had a place in traditional belief of marriage since a long time. These little lies however, are cute and adorable.

The insecurities:

The man is both hunky and well built. However, that slight bit of jealousy he feels whenever he realizes that other men might be eyeing his wife in a negative way is something they've been programmed ot do since the early ages. That is what a good husband does apparently.

That ready period:

Woman and make up. Or woman and getting ready to put on makeup. Or much better, woman thinking about getting ready to put on makeup. That is what makes up a true time of frustration or the husband. It is something that tests your loyalty and patience.

The fun times:

We've just seen a beautiful movie that is sure to become one of the classics in due time. Surely you cannot deny the fact that there will be an urge to replay or re-enact some fo the movie's most iconic scenes in the safety of your house as well. That is what makes us both glee and happy.

The little tricks:

Your wife is not going to freak out about anything as bad as when she'll find out about how you've been manipulating her all this time with your innuendos and little tricks that shows tempering with the weigh scale. You might find it funny, she won't.

Those rough days:

Those rough days when your wife is desperately trying to hide all the features of her body that makes her human is something that scares this guy to hell. And rightfully so, have you heard just how ferocious those screams can get. That is what we've learnt to deal with too.

The moment it all started:

There are so few other moments in your life that will be as magical or as romantic as the time you actually got her to say yes to you. It is something you'll tell your children about, and they'll tell their children about. It is an undeniably fact that we've learnt to adapt to.

The weird attractions:

No wife can stand the idea that other women may be about to lay their traps for how they view their husband's beef case. It would probably benefit her to be more worried about who else has their eye out for their husband. It won't matter coz he loves her unconditionally.

That time:

Nothing's as good the time you realize that you remember a significant date in your relationship and that she's forgotten it. This is something that has become the norm and it follows the precision of life everywhere it goes. It must be enacted with the slightest perfection s it concerns the relationship of two people and their future life.



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