Scientists Reveal Proven Traits Men Are Physically Attracted To

Science | By Cole Damon | March 9, 2018

Men are supposed to be attracted by a woman in one way or another. A turn out there is a definitive way of knowing exactly what turns men on. This list of physical as well as emotional traits is something most men can't simply live without. A woman that has these traits is going to be the centre of attention for all men.


This is something that each man notices about a woman. The reason for this is because of their evolutionary tendency. They are supposed to choose their partner based on their ability to make babies. That is what is so attractive about this trait.


It is said about a smile that it is the best thing that a woman can hope to wear. The reason for that is because it represents her outer and inner beauty almost simultaneously. The beauty it adds to a woman is something that most women don't realize the power of.

Facial symmetry:

Our facial features are more attractive than even we realize. The reason for this is it is the first impression we give off when we first interact with anyone. It is the culmination of what a woman's inner and outer beauty represents.


We've talked about how a smile is the gem that men love to see in their women partners. However, the elements that make that smile possible are perhaps of even greater value. Lips are something most men find irresistible and a major asset for women.


As Scarface told his friend while they were cruising around, "It's all about the eyes, Chico". The reason for that was just as apparent then as it is now. We can pierce into anyone's soul using their eyes. A clear beady eye can represent something of a saint for most men.


There was a viral video in India recently where a girl winked at a boy and did a bunch of tricks with her eyebrows. Such trickery was able to make that girl into a viral sensation. It also got her more followers in a day than Miss India, Miss Universe had in two years. That's what eyebrows can do.


Not just women, but men find this attractive in just about anyone. The reason for this is because it represents a height of what can be accomplished by a person. Weak or lazy posture is most of the times a signal of a person being too weak. Not attractive in any way.

The dress:

There's a saying that you are what you wear. That saying is more than just s saying when it comes to women's clothing. It doesn't mean that more exposure means more attractiveness for men. It does however represent a class that most men are eager to see in their potential partners.


Kindness is a trait that attracts men into your spiritual and emotional stability. That is exactly what they are seeking from women. An emotionally stable pillar that can support what they want to accomplish in life. It is also why most men like being courteous to women.


There's really never any replacement for kindness. The reason for that is because it is a result of evolutionary thought process that has been going on for centuries. It represents the ability of humans to let the smarter and better genes to prevail.


We should never be afraid or hesitant from trying out new things in life. New things that we haven't tried before. Being open to new opportunities and new projects is something most men like in their women as it shows their flexibility on later issues in life.


Passion, both on the outside and inside. Men go crazy for women who are ambitious and know exactly what they want from life. This is the result of our evolutionary drive to always move in the direction of women who provide a healthy and equal counterpart in our lives.


Adventure is one of life's great quests and the reason or that is because we tend to focus too much on the mundane and unnecessary parts of life. Adventure allows us to seek out new frontiers to cross. New challenges to meet. And new ideas to explore.


While it has become m0ore and more popular in media that men love women who are easily demountable. That is completely untrue as most men love to have a woman who is both capable and deserving of making her own way in life and does not depend on him for anything.

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