Fake Stories And Photos That Millions Of People Believed

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 9, 2018

Journalism in today's age has become a burden and a further labor for the people that are supposed to be reading it. It doesn't help that Photoshop has become such an important part of journalism. People don't know what is true or false anymore. Here are some of these photos and the stories they generated that were believed by so many.

Keanu Reeves running:

The pictures began circulating the internet as some sort of a news item where by showing Keanu running away with the camera of a supposed paparazzo. However, this was not the case as the still belong to a movie that he had been filming recently.

Pixelated hair:

This picture of Angele Merkel became a viral item on the web when the supposed story was that Turkey didn't allow her hair to be shown on TV. This was obviously faked as the proper photo shows and further proof that the internet can never be believed.

Not the daughter:

Whilst the person who does indeed get to inherit Bill Gates' wealth and money will be one lucky fellow, he probably won't get anywhere if he ends up pursuing the girl in this picture. This wasn't Gates' daughter, rather an actress from a 14 year old movie set.

Unhappy couple:

A picture began circulating the entire Internet in what was supposed to be a case of a man suing his wife because she gave birth to children that he thought were ugly. Furthermore, that the wife had undergone a surgery beforehand. This was all proven to be false though the woman suffered criticism.

No modesty:

The internet went crazy when this photo circulated of mine apparently gifting Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX and Tesla a photo of himself. This was only partly true as this was the cover of a book authored by Erdogan on what the future of Turkey will look like.

The shed:

The shed at Dulwich took on infamy when the story broke out how it rose to the top of TripAdviser for being London's top restaurant. Little did anyone know what was actually going on behind the scenes as the owner had everyone fooled with fake reviews.

The propaganda:

Propaganda is something that usually ends up overshadowing even the real struggles of life. This is what happened when this story was circulated about the North Korean atrocities. This was put to rest when the same woman was seen leading the Olympics team the very next month.

The internet fires:

The Internet fires tend to spare no one. The reason for that is because they are always best for spreading misinformation and seeing how many people fall for it. A sort for a social experiment. This was confirmed after this story broke out and found many believers.

The trapped squirrel:

This is one picture that both dazzled and saddened users online. It had supposedly a squirrel that had been reportedly trapped in that tree trunk for days until she was rescued by being rescued out. Now it's no surprise to know that a simple lie took off so easy and had so many believed.

The simpson's not always right:

This is a popular meme on Facebook and other social media that the Simpson's pretty much are capable of predicting the future. However, it became eerily obvious when this clip was shared. This obviously turned out to be a fake and was not in any way real or authentic.

The scoop:

The scoop was something that had nearly everyone overwhelemed and even criticism the girl for her outlandish actions. This represented the height of the gullibility of people as it later turned out to be social media hoax spread by the same girl.

The faked shark:

The shark we saw in that terrifying video from the days of Hurricane Harvey was of a shark apparently freely moving through the flooded roads in the streets of Florida. This tuned out to be completely false as someone's smart and catchy Photoshop work turned out fine.

The Russian machine:

Russians are notorious for their ability to bring forth a vile and almost instantaneous reaction from people who aim to spread misinformation and present a false image of their leader for the world to see. This image was circulated and room debunked for its falsified basis.

The currency woes:

This garnered both attention and hatred online for its apparent lack of respect for those that had been unable to access their funds. This led to people realizing the fact that they had been duped by someone who did it all for a few likes and a bet.

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