15 Kids You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | October 13, 2017

Child birth is a complex process involving millions of variables to work in perfect harmony with each other. With our limited technological capability, we're only able to control a few of these variables, and occasionally eugenics and other external factors influence the birthing of a slightly different baby. This baby might be afflicted with a crippling genetic disease, a physically deformed body or even a profoundly different skin pigmentation. But despite their oddities, they are by no means demonic.

Missing nose

This beautiful toddler is afflicted with congenital arhinia. The disease is characterized by the absence of a nose and is extremely rare. In fact, only 30 cases have been observed so far. The bones fuse at the site of nasal aperture and micropthalmia. There are no negative effects on intellect.

Twins with different colored skin

Cartoons and Disney movies have tuned us to think that twins are completely identical to each other. Sometimes they'll even have you believe that they have synchronized bodily motions and perfectly matching facial features. But twins with starkly different skin colors is not uncommon among biracial couples.

Haunting story of Agent Orange

The Vietnam conflict was ended by the deployment of Agent Orange across the forests and plantation of Vietnam. Over 20 million gallons were sprayed over the country, affecting thousands of Vietnamese children, resulting in horrifying birth defects. Even US soldiers have been affected.

Beauty in vitiligo

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attack and destroy melanocytes in the skin. The result is a varied skin pigmentation across the body which results in strange colors. Current understanding of human biology is unable to facilitate restoration of the melanocytes.

Cleft lip and cleft repair

One of the few genetic disorders which can be repaired by our current understanding of modern science. They occur very early when the fetus is still developing the womb of its mother. There isn't enough tissue on the lips and those that do occur are unable to join properly.

Too much hair all over the face

Some people have cruelly characterized this disease as the werewolf syndrome. Except werewolves only transform under the full moon (as the myths will have us believe). This rare condition fosters condition for excessive growth of hair all over the face.

Sternal cleft

This picture shows what happens to babies that are born without the breast bone. It gives us the impression that their skin sinks beneath the chest. There are many complications this baby faces, such as having trouble breathing. Modern medicine can fix this problem without any hiccups.

Conjoined twins

This condition is very rare and affects only 1 in around 200,000 births. Modern surgery can fix this problem to some extent. Very early on during pregnancy, the embryo fails to separate perfectly for the formation of two babies.

Water on the brain

Hydrocephalus (or water on the brain) occurs in babies when too much fluid builds up in the skull causing the brain to swell. The consequences are far reaching than just a physical deformity, as it can damage the brain leading to physical and intellectual disabilities.

Elephant baby

Lymphatic filariasis is a disease which is transmitted when a female mosquito infects humans. They carry a parasite called the filarial worm which grows into an adult worm living in the body's lymphatic system. The result is severe swelling of the limbs and genitals.


Having more than two limbs might sound good in stories and video games (Mortal Kombat anyone?), but when they actually occur in humans, they only cause logistical issues. They occur because the embryo fails to properly degenerate from a twin, resulting in many limbs.

Shrunken head

Microcephaly is a condition in which the head is disproportionately small when compared to the rest of the body. In many countries, children with micocephaly are sold in shrines as 'spirits who can communicate with god'. They are also forced to perform in circuses.

Nevus flammeus

Also known as a firemark and port-wine stain, nevus flammeus occurs when the human skin gets discolored because of a capillary malfunction inside the skin. They are characterized by deep dilated capillaries inside the skin. They can be treated by using targeted lasers.

Mermaid syndrome

Perhaps the strangest birth defect on this list is the mermaid syndrome. The condition looks as if the baby has become a mermaid, but this happens because of the legs have fused together. It is an extremely rare disease affecting about 1 in every 100,000 births.

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