15 Cool Inventions That Should Be Everywhere

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 9, 2018

The thing about us humans is that we really admire the good things we see. We have an eye for admiring good things and we admire them and hope that these things are everywhere we go. These 15 things are probably things that you would admire as well, which is why we suggest that they should be everywhere for our feasibility.

Mobile Phone Holder

This spot on the table really is a perfect place to keep your phone and we just hope that these spots became more common than they currently are. We have no idea where this place is, but please implement the idea everywhere.

More Ports

Aren't there times when all of us hope that our laptops had more ports for us to work with? Well, this accessory has really made this dream possible, as you can connect as many ports as you want to your laptop.

Sleeping in the Car

Sleeping comfortably in the car was a big hassle before this came out. We're so in love with this method that we hope that someone or some brand gives this a proper shape for comfort in the car.


The perfect bathroom accessory that you had all been waiting for is finally here. This accessory that gives you an option to choose from scented and unscented soap is all you need in your life after eating food.

Charging Devices

Charging devices on the go can be a hassle, but if you have this coaster with you, you're safe to go forward. All you need to charge your device now is this coaster and a hot or cold drink to give it the necessary energy.

Blow-up House

Why this prototype isn't already a hit with people is something that we would never be able to understand. This blow-up house is perfect for camping, BBQs and parties of all sorts. Just the perfect accessory to have with you!

Hotel Service

This hotel has really stepped out of its comfort zone to provide international and even national visitors with a phone that works as their travel buddy in the unknown sphere. The phone comes with a working connection and is a blessing to have.

Continuous Paint Lines

We are quick to give people some stick for not parking correctly, but when it comes to this part of the deal, we don't really notice. This parking structure really is amazing and has made parking even simpler than before.

Band-Aid Dispenser

No one carries a band-aid with them at all the times and any incident can strike you at any time of the day. The device that would really help you in such situations is a free band aid dispenser like this one here.


If you work indoors and don't have an idea of the weather outside, you may never know if it's raining and may step out of the elevator unprepared. But, this elevator here prompts riders of the weather outside.

Giving CPR

All of us that have traveled through international locations or even domestic locations have had waiting time in airports. This airport makes use of that waiting time to help travelers learn the art of giving a quick CPR to someone.

Pets Vending Machine

Pets also may be looking for buying something quickly and this is the perfect option for them to explore in such cases. This vending machine is a perfect addition to anyone's store and will have people with pets thoroughly.

Charging Stations

Ever ran out of charging in a mall? Well, you wouldn't have to care about charging in this mall. This mall has a charging station inside its vicinity, where you can keep your phone for charging without worrying about it.

Pedaling and Charging

This phone charging station asks you to pedal away, as the station generates electricity to charge your phone. This is an amazing idea and we hope more universities and open spaces promote it for the greater benefit of people.

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