15 Times Our Imaginations Made Us See Something That Wasn't There

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 9, 2018

Our imagination works in its own funny way and often times we see things that are not present, because our mind is playing games with us. Here we look at some of the pictures that will make your imagination play games and will make you see things that aren't really there. Go through the list and enjoy the pictures as they roll by.

Looking Like a Drumstick

This cat sleeping looks purrfectly like a chicken drumstick that you love from KFC. This cat seems cuddled up in such a way that it has one paw sticking out that makes it seem like there is a drumstick on the bed.

Visiting the Sea

This really is the perfect way to visit the sea without really doing any excursions. All you need to create the perfect picture of the sea is to adjust your white balance, have some coffee extracts and a window sill.


This mom found out that her daughter's boyfriend really was twinning with her Peruvian Guinea Pig. Both of them had the same hairstyle and the similarities in the hairstyle were really visible for anyone seeing the style.


These buses transporting pilgrims in Mecca from one place to another really look like cassette tapes waiting to be plugged in to the tape player. These buses really are stacked up and we can assume the jam from up here.


The first assumption that you will have of this guy after seeing this picture is that he is transparent or something! The guy seems to be going through some sci-fi shit, but we assume it is probably because of the camera angle.

Water Melon

Your imagination will trick you into believing that this is a water melon. But, this isn't really a water melon and is a special item probably made out of stainless steel or aluminum. So, don't kick this melon in the night.

Finding Nemo

This can of bug spray really does look like a character from the movie Finding Nemo. The movie really was a gem to watch and everyone that watched it, enjoyed the special adventures of the little fish. Get this fish back to the sea.

So Romantic

This man posted a picture of paint on his walls and someone in the comments thought it was an ocean under the moon. If you also thought this way then you too need to call yourself very romantic.


At first look, this wall stand looks like a ghost waiting to jump on you in the corridor. But, if you see with care, you would realize that this is nothing of that sort. The first picture really does set you on the wrong foot.


Your mind might trick you into believing that this is a video of a pizza, but this really isn't, as this is a picture. The video play icon is just the small three legged stand we have on pizzas for keeping the slices together.

What's Happening?

There's literally too much happening in this picture for our frail mind to process. Yes, the girl looks hot but what's off importance is that the naked man at the back isn't skiing, but is digging snow accumulated near the fence.

Evil Chair

This chair really does look very evil and seems like it is planning is revenge from the people of the earth. The chair has had enough of people keeping it aside and wants some good action to kickstart things.


Your first perception after looking at this cloud of ash would be that it looks like a couple hugging each other, but the cloud is coming out of a volcano and don't let the romance in the cloud turn you away from the danger here.

Unimpressed Alien

We have made a lot of assumptions over why aliens aren't willing to tour us, but this really is the nearest we will ever get to alien life. This brussel sprout looks like an alien, and the facial expressions really do look like it's unimpressed.

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