15 Coincidences That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 9, 2018

We see a lot of coincidences transpire and being mentioned on the world of internet on a regular basis. These coincidences spark a reaction from us at times, while on other occasions we don't pay much attention to them. Here we have some coincidences that you would look twice at to believe what you are seeing and reading in the list below.

Snapchat Story

This girl posted a snapchat story with a one-worded compliment for the guy at the back. While she thought this chapter was over, the guy found her up on snapchat and sent her this snap with a caption on it.

Same Men

All the three men dozing off in the train in this picture look exactly the same. They don't seem to be having a good time on the subway and are having a good time taking a much needed nap after a tiring day at work.


This guy was unlucky enough to find his house succumbing to the impact of a tornado and couldn't control his emotions while seeing all his prized possessions in the debris. This copy of Twister was however safe in the collapse.


We do know how nuggets are made and that they have no resemblance whatsoever to the chicken that they come from, but this nugget here looks like a real chicken and we cannot control our excitement at this funny coincidence.


This lady was wearing peculiar leggings to the workplace one day and noticed that there was a similarity between her leggings and the new chairs in her office. We can also see the similarities and are really amazed at the texture.

Bear Festival

This girl went to a bear festival with her boyfriend and later posted a picture on her social media saying how she had met a person who was wearing exactly similar clothes to her and her boyfriend. The clothes were literally the same.

Birthday Hat

This mother was celebrating her daughter's birthday and had no idea that should we matching the sweater she wore with her daughter's birthday hat. She took a photo for social media for people to see the similarities between the two.

Another Cat

This man got a cat for himself and was amazed to see that nature had painted another cat on his cat to make things interesting for him. He was really pleased with what he had got and couldn't contain his excitement on the deal.


The shirt this girl is wearing and the cloth on the bus's seats are exactly the same. This was pointed out by one of the passengers, who noted that that the girl looked like she was part of the seat or was wearing the same cloth.


How often would you see a seagull resting like this on the top of a fish in the middle of the ocean? This seagull is having a good time getting some rest and we cannot stop admiring the balance and the skills the bird has for this.

Twin Brother

The drawback of dating someone who has a twin brother is that you get accustomed to receiving texts from your friends telling you that your boyfriend is dating someone else. This girl experiences this all the time from her friends.

Order Number

The order number this girl had for her ticket receipt was exactly the same for the amount that she incurred for her food at McDonald's. How rare is this feat and we really should be celebrating it with a bigger and better one.

Same Clothes

This guy's dad was traveling to the airport for a flight when he noticed that one man in the lobby and the corridor passage had the same shirt and dress as him. Both of them stopped and took a photo to remember.

Nails and Gums

This girl was chewing on to her gum and noticed that there really wasn't any difference in her nail color and the color for the gum she was eating. She was really taken aback by this realization that she had suddenly.

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