15 Amazing Tricks For Girls To Make Your Periods End Faster

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 13, 2017

Every month for women it is the same dilemma; PMS, cramps, bloating, the red wedding, the whole deal. Periods are such a buzz kill but yet they are little reminders of our fertility and health. So we know we need them to be in our lives, but how can we make their monthly appearance less annoying? Here are some tips and tricks to taming your period and reducing it's time on your monthly calendar.

Change Your Diet

Make your period shorter by changing up some of your diet. Try eating more pumpkin, papaya, peaches, apricots, carrots and spinach. Foods that are rich in carotene will shorten the duration of your period due to their natural health properties.

Eat More Red Meat

Increase your intake of red meat in your diet. Adding more of this iron rich food will speed up your blood flow and improve your body heat which will aid in a swift and sweat free menstrual cycle. Any little bit will help in keeping your body extra efficient.

Drink Herbal Tea

Consuming herbal tea will increase your blood flow, causing your period to fly by. Emmenagogues are herbs which arouse blood flow in the pelvic region and uterus, stimulating your menstruation and cleaning out your body of toxins in the process.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Consuming lots of water will reduce the length of your periods because water helps flush blood and tissue from your body. It also helps aid against cramping and bloating by flushing sodium and toxins from your body making your kidneys more efficient.

Use Sanitary Pads Instead Of Tampons

Using sanitary pads instead of tampons will help shorten your period because tampons can block the natural blood flow of your period. If you want to be as natural with your period as possible, the best thing for you to use would be a menstrual cup, like The Dive Cup.

Having An Orgasm

Orgasms are beneficial in so many ways, so be sure to have them daily. Whether they are given by your boyfriend or by yourself, stimulating your body, increasing blood flow, expelling things from your body, upping your endorphins all of it will help make you a better healthier person.

Have Sex

Not only will having orgasms help you shed your uterine lining faster, but sex will stimulate your body to release all of your body fluids and tissues in a fun and feel good way. Sex can help your period flow through faster and also makes you feel great.

Exercising Regularly

Not only does exercising regularly aid your body in developing a healthy vessel for your body to do it thing. While you are menstruating, exercising sheds water and gets your blood circulating so that your body can go through the process of your period more efficiently, it also helps soothe cramps.

Over The Counter Medication

Popping a couple of anti-inflammatory pain pills while you are on your period will not only help ease the discomfort of cramps and pressure, but they will give your body the extra push to work through your menstruation process, giving you a shorter period.

Hormonal Contraception

Being on a hormonal contraception like the pill or an IUD can help not only shorten your periods but can also make them lighter as well. This is because the hormones in these contraceptions to prevent pregnancy regulate your reproduction system to be extremely efficient.

Use Essential Oils

Clary sage oil helps balance hormones, while cypress oil is known to improve circulation and ease cramps. To help with overall PMS symptoms, apply ylang ylang to your back and abdomen, or make a hot compress with a towel and hot water and drop a couple drops of peppermint to the compress, apply to abdomen.

Consume Lemon

Sucking on a piece of lemon or adding it to your water during days when you are menstruating can aid in the reduction of length of your period. The natural properties of lemon juice promotes your bodies reproductive functions and helps your body flush everything.

Do Yoga

Not all women feel comfortable having a vigorous exercise regime during their period. But doing gentle yoga can help reduce periods and also alleviate some of the side affects, by twisting and stretching your body causing it to increase blood flow and circulation.

Eat And Drink Foods That Detoxify

When you consume foods that help your body naturally detoxify its organs, you are more able to process your natural bodily function like menstruating. Make smoothies with detoxifying ingredients or eat a lot of nutrient rich foods to flush your organs that keep your body in tip top shape.

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