15 Hardly Believable Jobs People Actually Do For A Living

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 8, 2018

The job market really is full of jobs that you would hardly believe. These jobs are often hard to believe for all of us and it would take a lot of trust to even believe someone who says that these exist. Here we have made a list of 10 jobs that are hardly believable but do exist for people who are interested.

Seat Filler

Many award shows are broadcasted live, so broadcasters really don't want live images of empty seats to go forward. So, what they do is have seat fillers who take over the seats for celebs who run for errands such as emptying their stomach.

How Can You Apply?

Well, we do know that this is a job that you surely would love to apply for, but as a matter of fact only trusted people are kept for this. So, if you really want the job then the way to go forward is to garner the media house's trust.

Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal investigators are becoming a popular job and many people show their interest in finding existence of parallel worlds within our worlds. The job description is quite simple as you explore paranormal activities as they happen from across the globe.

Mattress Tester

This job requires testing mattresses for manufacturers who make them. The individual that tests these mattresses is required to give feedback over how comfortable they feel the mattress is through different perspectives. People actually have to sleep all day to find out.

Sleeping at Work

Mattress testing is probably the only job that requires people to sleep at their job. This really seems to be a good job or a career move for you as one mattress tester said that people who sleep the most are rewarded well.


If you like performing sexy dance moves underwater, are good at swimming and Ariel from Disney is your favorite character, then this Mermaid is the perfect character for you. People who do this get paid well in cash.

Can Men Apply?

Well, as far as we know, men cannot apply. The only mermaids we know of currently are female and men wouldn't fit perfectly well in a woman's costume. So, this job is for women only. Men can go somewhere else.

Travel Show Host

Travel show hosts are the luckiest when it comes to having the perfect job. All these guys have to do is look good and be a good speaker and they're good for traveling the world for free and even getting paid for doing so.

The Team

Well, if you aren't really good looking, but still want to roam the world for free, then you can join as a member of the team. All cameramen and crew can work together, so there is always room for one more person.

Party Planner

Party Planners have been doing good business ever since this field grew in importance. These planners really are doing some good business and have made a good name for themselves in the market. They have good clients too.

Attend Parties

The best part about being a party planner is that you get to attend parties for free without doing anything. These parties really are a gem to attend and the people attending them are hot shots, so you never know.

Bourbon Master Tester

Yes, this job is exactly what it sounds like to you. These bourbon master testers take simples from whiskey and bourbon barrels and see the necessary ingredients. This job requires a certain level of skills to succeed in.

Mystery Shopper

Shopping regularly and being paid for it is the job that most people often look for. Mystery shoppers are told to look like ordinary clientele and tell the business about the environment they have created and the perceptions garnered.

Panda Caretaker

If you ever dreamt about hugging a Panda then we have the perfect job opportunity for you. These pandas ain't gonna take care of themselves, so they need caretakers to be present to look after them and nourish them.

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