Brother Does Something Special For Bride Who Lost Their Father Months Before Wedding

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | October 13, 2017

Marriage is without a doubt much more than a piece of paper. It is a sacred agreement between two people that they are going to dedicate their lives to each other. There is no general definition of a perfect marriage as each marriage is unique in its own perspective; everyone has their own perspective of what a perfect marriage really is. You may need some Kleenex after you see the video at the end of this slideshow!

Marriage is a Union

Marriage at the end of the day is a unique play between two characters; each character lays down their own plot. At the end of the day every marriage is basically like a fingerprint, each one is beautiful and each one is different. This is what makes marriage so beautiful as everyone has their own opinion on what a perfect marriage is, but everyone will agree that marriage is a fresh start for two people

Marriage is the start of a happily ever after life

So why do people get married? Love is the reason and lifelong friendship is the gift that comes part and parcel. People get married because they finally understand the term " Happily ever after" is a choice, all you have to do is find the right person. It might take days, months or years but when you find the right person it all starts making sense. Remember where there is love, there is life!

Marriage is the start of something beautiful

We all know that love is the greatest gift when given and is the highest level of honor when received; this love is the most powerful force on the face of earth and when to people come together it truly is special. The ceremony itself is the perfect start to celebrate how two individuals have finally found their meaning in this life.

What really is a perfect wedding?

However not everyone is blessed with the perfect wedding ceremony, because life is sometimes unfair. Andrea is one of those people who had to see her life shatter before her very eyes before she could marry her husband. Andrea was busy preparing for her wedding and the disaster struck. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before he had the chance to walk his princess down the aisle.

No daughter should deal with the loss of a father

A father is every son's first hero and every daughter's first love. There are no words that can describe the relationship a daughter has with her father and having your king walk you down to your prince is a dream that every girl deserves. Although life denied Andrea this beautiful dream, her brother understood how his sister feels and took matters into his own hands.

Her brother pulled out all stops to make sure his sister is not denied the perfect wedding that every woman deserves. What he did was truly the perfect definition of how a brother can be a superhero for his baby sister! He actually recorded a special song for his Andrea, but it was apparent that he put his heart and soul into the music. He expressed so many different feelings with a single soundtrack that it proves that music is sound of love.

There is nothing better than a surprise

What really makes his actions so beautiful is the fact that Andrea had no idea what her brother planned for her. She had no idea that her brother understands what is killing her from inside; never could she imagine that her brother would understand her. Sometimes people bottle their feelings as they know that no amount of sympathy or comfort can heal them, this was exactly Andreas situation.

Sometimes dreams come true in different ways

Andreas brother showed exactly what it means to be a brother as he planned everything with impeccable attention to detail. He spoke to every family member about what he has planned for Andrea and made sure she had no idea what is going on. If you think the music was sweet, you have no idea what her brother did to make her night truly special.

When the wedding froze

When it was time for the father and daughter dance, everyone in the room froze for a moment. That was the sad moment that everyone remembered the staggering loss Andrea was dealing with. That moment the world froze for everyone in the room as everyone finally understood how strong Andrea really is. But her brother did not care that his sister was strong enough to deal with the pain, so he made sure that her pain goes away.

When everyone in the room understood what love means

When it was time for the father and daughter dance, every male member of the family stood up and waited patiently for a turn to dance with the Andrea. One by one they all danced with her for a couple of minutes that felt like an eternity for everyone in the room. This is the exact same moment that Andrea's pain was sprinkled with her families love, the affect it had was simply magical.

There is no perfect fairytale

Andreas story is not the perfect fairytale, but then again fairytales are overrated. What you have to realize is that no amount of money or no power in the world can make her feel like her father did. Nothing could bring him back and nothing could heal the pain she was suffering. But her brother's effort will resonate in her mind for the rest of her life.

Simple acts can go a very long way

Only Andrea can explain how her brother and everyone in the room made her feel. They expressed their love for Andrea through something so simple as a dance and beautiful music. But what you have to realize is that it is sometimes the simple things that make us feel special, sometimes the key to joy is simplicity. Do you think that any other thing in this world would make Andrea feel like she did?

Be there for the people who deserve the best from you

The moral of this story is to do everything in your power to make your loved ones feel like they deserve the best in the world. When we see them down and low, that is an indication that you have to step up and make them feel better. Make them smile, make them laugh just make them feel better.

Make people smile, you will feel better about yourself

Andrea's story has touched millions; let's just hope that people take something home from her experience. Everyone out there should realize that they were put on this world for a reason and that reason could be anything, it could be helping a friend out or being a shoulder to cry on. Never pass an opportunity to help someone when they are down!



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