15 Inspiring Photos Of Couples Before And After Major Changes

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | March 7, 2018

There was a time when they were termed as the misfits of society and were bullied for being overweight and obese. It is incorrect to hurl names at someone just because they don't seem to fit the norm of what society deems to be 'beautiful', but these young men and women decided to prove their haters wrong. Here is their story.

Through thick and thin

This young couple have been able to stick around through thick and thin. They loved each other when they were considered as misfits and obese. Together they inspired each other to lose all their excess weight and look chiseled.

It requires support

The trick to losing weight and being in shape requires you to hit the gym and adopt a strict routine. The rule of thumb is to keep at it and not allow yourself to become deterred by the naysayers.

298 pounds

This couple lost a total of 298 pounds between them. They both hit the gym and worked extremely hard. They are proud of their results and have managed to inspire millions. Their story should make us all feel incredibly opportunistic.

100 pounds of weight

Josh lost more than a hundred pounds of weight. The results speak for themselves. Previously he used to have a giant double chin and probably had high cholesterol, but today he has an amazing gleaming smile plastered on his face.

This require a lot of effort

This picture shows that the couple underwent a serious amount of effort in order to lose all their weight. Kudos goes especially toward the mother who went to the gym despite her added responsibility as a mother.

120 pounds between them

When you have someone to help you along your journey, the going gets easier. And this picture proves our point. This couple lost more than 120 pounds between them and are clearly very proud of their amazing results.

Losing weight adds youthfulness

This couple lost a tremendous amount of weight and as can clearly be seen, they look much more healthier, happier and look so young. The amount of courage needed to adopt a gym routine is massive and not everyone has the ability to pull this off.

They look unrecognizable

The guy on the left looks completely unrecognizable from the chiseled guy on the right. It's amazing how the loss of a few pounds completely transforms us into a completely different person. The same can also be said about the girlfriend.

How is this even possible?

We wish we could call it photoshop and the expert use of image enhancing software, but the jury is definitely out on this one. This picture is as real as it gets and this couple is absolutely adorable to look at.

Wedding pledge

This young couple made a promise to each other, that they would transform themselves by going to the gym after their marriage. And true love eventually conquered all the bitterness in the end. The young girl looks absolutely stunning.

A couple of pounds

This should reinvigorate your interest in plus sized people. That when the eventually do shed all their weight, they will look absolutely transformed and so incredibly gorgeous. We can see a healthy smile on their face and what looks like true love.

They look straight out of Hollywood

This couple lost a cumulative weight of over 135 pounds between them and they look absolutely amazing. It looks like they were ripped straight out of a Hollywood movie. Amazing how the loss of a few pounds completely changes you.

Losing weight after having kids

There is a common stereotype lurking around the internet: that women are not able to lose their weight after pregnancies. But this picture should shatter this ghastly myth completely. They have both come a very long way.

Jaw droppingly gorgeous

Some pictures on the internet make your jaw drop to the ground (figuratively speaking) and this picture is a prime example of that. They both look absolutely stunning after having lost all this weight, especially the wife.

They promised each other

This young couple promised each other that they would lose their excessive weight. So they went from flipping steaks to lifting barbells in the gym. This is probably the most unbelievable picture that we have ever seen.

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