Adorable Comics That Show What It's Like To Be In A Comfortable Relationship

Humor | By Charlie Blacks II | October 13, 2017

In the beginning of a relationship most of us still have senses of nervousness, get butterflies for the wrong reasons, or wonder if we're gonna screw things up with our annoying habits. While those that have been in long-term relationships, that have established the necessary boundaries and know their roles alongside their significant other get to remain comfortable in their relationships all the while annoying their partners for all the right reasons get to live happily ever after. Check out these comics depicting what it's like to be in a comfortable relationship and let us know if you can relate in the comment section below.

The Attention-Seeker

This particular comic is relative to those in long-term and short-term relationships. Sometimes your significant other will be in the mood for some attention regardless of what you're doing. We recommend dropping whatever you're doing and hitting your Mrs. or Mr. with a few snuggles before getting back to business.

The Responsible One Turnt Bad

For anyone who's ever been a relationship, we've all been able to clearly identify who's the fiscally responsible one between you and your partner. Whether it be a phone bill, rent/mortgage, or an electric bill your significant other is there to bring you back to reality but, this comic depicts how the heat can change everything and how enjoyable being nude in front of the A/C can possibly be.


When you're comfortable in a relationship you officially have the right to tease your girlfriend/boyfriend about their small insecurities. Even if it's something as minuscule as their eyelashes. You might have to feel their wrath temporarily but, it'll be worth it in order to get these necessary jokes off.

Equal Weirdness

When you find someone just as weird as you are... Don't ever let them go. Whether it comes to role-playing, cosplay, or having the same dorky cinema taste, let that energy intertwine and thrive for years to come. Who else is gonna stick by your side while you dominate the competition at Star Trek trivia?

Face Removal

After being in a long-term committed relationship, you may notice that your girlfriend/spouse gets really comfortable with you not seeing their face powdered up and full of makeup. When during the beginning of the relationship, you might not have ever seen them without the proper foundation and beat face. Well, just wait for it, buddy... give it a good three years and reality will come at you fast.

Tickling Turns Into Violence

We've all been here before, when a poke turns into tickling, tickling turns into violence, and someone ends up in a neck brace or holding a steak to their swollen eye. We all know how tickling ends but, we all seem to make a choice to do it regardless. Also, this young lady's suplex looks superb.

Eating Together

Towards the beginning of a relationship, a lot of us tend to share romantic platters and three-course meals together at fancy establishments. Give it a few years and you could potentially end up in a headlock over a bag of Doritos. Personally, we advise the fellas to let the ladies have their eats or things could turn out bad.

The Dutch Oven

If you've never been the victim or the assailant in performing the coveted 'dutch oven' then you're not living. For those of you unaware of what a dutch oven is, simply fart in the presence of your significant other and trap their head under a blanket so that the smell can't get out. It could potentially be a deal breaker in your relationship but, trust us it's worth watching your partner struggle for clean air.

A Little Too Honest

When it comes to being in a long-term relationship, you tend to be a little too honest at times, especially when it comes to your bowel movements. For some reason, poop becomes a common topic when you've been with your significant other after a while but, during the beginning stages of a relationship, the topic ceases to exist. Strange.

Grocery Bags

We've all seen this one before as well. Sometimes our girlfriends/spouses get a little big headed and think that they can handle taking in all the grocery bags at once to find out they should have just asked us for help to begin with. It's a cruel lesson to learn but, it's a necessary one.

They Don't Stop...

Seriously, the poop convos seem to never end. Even in the strangest of settings, you might be partial to receiving some type of fecal matter fact. Yep, even in the midst of a meal be ready at any time. With that being said, make sure you're not the squeamish type.

The White Lie

After you've been in a relationship for awhile, you notice certain behaviors from your significant other that become obvious over time. Even when the evidence is clear and you ask them the obvious, they might not be all the way honest causing us to give them a 'yeah right' response. They know and we know, that they know that we know... Know what we mean?

Being Annoying

Expect it... After being in a long-term committed relationship for years on end, you can expect for your significant other to be intentionally annoying at times. Especially, when you happen to be minding your business or enjoying something too much without them. It's a harsh reality but it comes with the territory of being in a relationship.

Dirty Laundry

When you're together with someone for a long period of time, laundry becomes a major part of your curriculum and sometimes hidden surprises and dark secrets come to the forefront in that hamper of yours. It's even more embarrassing when you end dropping your laundry in front of strangers, especially your girl's 'ultimate period panties'.

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