Morning Habits We Should Say Goodbye To Once And For All

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 7, 2018

The habits you follow during the morning have a great impact on how you spend your day. If you follow good, healthy morning habits, you would be able to have a good day without any reason to fret out. Here we look at some morning habits that are part of our morning schedule, but should be dropped as soon as possible.

Not Starting with a Shower

The day should be started with a shower, and you should do your best to ensure that you get a good shower before kicking off your day and moving into the business hours. Use the morning hours for a good, quick shower!

Hot Shower

Because hot showers are so relaxing, and so much fun; taking one will carry you back into the bed. Thus, the best you can do here is to avoid hot showers and take a cold shower to be fully awake and at your best.

Checking Your Phone

One mistake most people make is that they keep checking their phone for elongated periods during the morning. These people have no idea that the morning is to be used for fruitful activities and not for wasting time on your phone.

Wasting Time on Outfit

A lot of people waste a lot of time deciding what to wear in the morning. This often results because of a messy wardrobe where you have not organized your clothes in a proper manner. The best solution is to organize your clothes properly.

Eat Cereals

Believe it or not, but I have seen a lot of people eating cereals during the morning. We cannot talk enough about how unhealthy it is to eat cereals in the morning, because of their high sugar content. Eat something else, please.

Brushing Teeth

Always remember to brush your teeth after having the morning breakfast. Brushing your teeth is necessary for maintaining the proper health of your teeth, and you should prioritize this activity over all others to live a happy and healthy life.

Black Coffee

Drinking black coffee right after waking up can be bad for your health. Drinking black coffee may mean that your cortisol levels shoot up and you may feel heightened anxiety due to this natural process in the body.

Making Your Bed

By making your bed right after you wake up, you're making a good environment for dust mites to accumulate over the moisture you just left. Keep your bed like it is and only make it after a while, preferably an hour or two.

Healthy Habits for the Morning

While we have outlined habits you should drop after you wake up in the morning, we will also mention a few habits that you should adapt for the morning. You need to utilize your time in the morning, and do that by following these habits.

Wake Up On Time

The best habit to follow in the morning is to wake up on time and do whatever you had planned for the morning, without any hindrances. If you leave any hindrances, you would be making it hard for you to wake up on time.

Open Curtains

Opening your curtains can go a long way in helping you feel fresh and active. This habit will go a long way in giving you a sufficient doze of Vitamin D, as well as making you feel fresh with the sunlight coming inside the house early.

Take a Small Walk

A small walk in the morning can go a long way in setting your routine. The walk will help you settle down with your exercise pattern as well and will also mean that you start your day in a healthy and active manner.

Plan for the Day

The time you have on your hand in the morning, shouldn't be used for useless activities such as scrolling through your phone. Use the habit for something useful such as planning for the day and making your day better.

Listen to Good Music

Upbeat music in the morning can really help you have a good motivated your day. The mood you are in during the morning reflects in your behavior during the day, and if you were in a good mood, you're good to go forward.

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